William Hill Offices – Sofia

  • Client William Hill,
  • size 21,528 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • DAarchitects was tasked with designing a space for William Hill that aligned with their company values in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    William Hill’s new working environment is fresh, dynamic and charging with positive emotions. The objective was to achieve a well-recognizable vision, corresponding to Company’s values, but also to create a qualitative different environment, exceeding the expectations of both employees and partners. The office space covers a total of 2000 sq.m., hosting working areas, areas for meetings, collaborations and trainings, playroom, large coffee area, rest, socialization and motor activity areas. The idea is to develop a natural office landscape, providing various opportunities, based on the needs and activities of its users.

    Special attention is paid to the own character of the space, acoustic comfort and proper lighting in all meeting rooms, ensuring supreme level of comfort and convenience, for people, occupying the physical space of the room, as well as for the partners, participating online.

    The elevation of the floor provides an impressive 360-degree panoramic view of Sofia. The terraces are landscaped with abundant greenery and vitalized, providing additional areas for relaxation and socialization.

    Greenery is also actively present in the interior of the working space, dispersed in the various areas, providing both secluded pockets and visual separation and ensuring emotional comfort and excellent microclimate quality.

    The active relaxation areas are focused on provoking the users of the office space to perform short, revitalizing exercises in the natural breaks of the working process or when readjusting from one working mode to another. And, also to have fun, experiment and communicate, while reducing the negative impact of the typical office fixed way of life.

    The meeting rooms and collaboration areas are individualized and have thematic names, carrying certain messages, related to Company’s line of business, which is reflected in the references to various sports and competitive events.

    The rest and play areas are designed to offer a wide variety of activities and flexibility of use of the space. The large bookcase on the wall in front of the relaxation area, offers literature, related to the history and values of the company, and plays the role of an exchange library, where some office users can exchange their own books.

    In its completed form, William Hill’s new office relies on the balance between the various needs and activities, so that they complement, and not interfere with each other, while at the same time it is based on a coherent vision and clear concept of space and materials.

    Design: DAarchitects
    Photography: Minko Minev