Akesa Pharma Offices – Melbourne

  • Client Akesa Pharma,
  • size 1,615 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • PTID used playful light installations and natural light throughout the Akesa Pharma offices in Melbourne, Australia.

    Akesa Pharma provides globally leading services in the niche delivery of pharmaceutical products for clinical trials. This workplace is the physical embodiment of their confidence in Melbourne’s place in the world of ‘big pharma’. An investment in regeneration of heritage space and repurposing for a human centred, technology driven future.

    The project took a different direction to most as the building was owned by our client. This was not only an expression of their business but also the manifestation of our their passion for excellence and going the extra mile to achieve an unique outcome.

    To this end we worked closely with the Akesa team on early discovery work on site to strip years of neglect and peel away layers of previous ownership. Only after this occurred could we begin to express the early machine age architecture by the revealing of structure, services and external envelope.

    The concept brings together the best of global and local – in mixing and reinterpreting forms and materiality to create a blended aesthetic we found the right balance and voice for Akesa.

    Design: PTID
    Photography: SpaceCraft