AMC Group Of Institutions Chairman Office – Bengaluru

  • Client AMC Group Of Institutions,
  • size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Bengaluru, India,
  • Industry Education,
  • TANGRAM completed a sophisticated space for the AMC Group Of Institutions Chairman Office in Bengaluru, India.

    Located in the 52-acre campus of AMC Group of Institutions, this 3,000 square feet space is on the fifth floor of the admin building and features a glass partitioned office for the Chairman of the group. There is a reception and waiting area at the entrance, followed by a private dining room for clients & dignitaries to have lunch during meetings. As one walks along the passage, the conference room greets you next, and at the end of the passage is the Chairman’s office with an attached private room with an en-suite bathroom and storage facilities.

    The concept was to create a dynamic, brightly lit glass box in the context of the campus. To create this linear plan glowing office, the rooms were organized in a linear style along the rear wall, so the passage leading to the rooms offers breathtaking views of the college campus.

    We opted for a muted, neutral color palette, restricting our materials to walnut, statuario, concrete, brass, and some accent colors in furnishings.

    Our drive to merge the old and new came from noticing the transition of management at the college; very much like the new generation working with the previous stakeholders of the college. We decided to pick vintage décor that marries the contemporary style of the project.

    Entering the space, the front reception & waiting area greets visitors with statuario floors and grey concrete finish textured walls. The external glass façade leads into the other rooms where walnut wood is used to create a frame for the view of the college campus. The idea was to create an open office that is light and airy by bringing reflections of outside skies into the rooms.

    The Chairman’s personal room is designed with all custom furniture. As one enters, the front wall is filled with floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a hidden door leading into the Chairman’s private room. Chairman’s desk and credenza are built in Teak veneer and the background is a beautiful book-match marble that frames the table perfectly. It was designed on a blank canvas without any absolute must-haves and yet the space is a reflection of the client’s taste and personality. The material and cabinetry are understated and simple with straight lines and subtle curves. Almost felt like a “coming-home” sort of space.

    Design: TANGRAM
    Design Team: Shraddha, Vidhyaa
    Photography: Nayan Soni