NOVAH Showroom – Beijing

  • Client NOVAH,
  • size 12,981 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • ADM was tasked with creating a space to showcase furniture for NOVAH at their showroom in Beijing, China.

    NOVAH collaborated with ADM to incorporate trend insights of future space into NOVAH’s Beijing exhibition hall. Creating a diverse, modern and dynamic space.

    This space is multi-functional and compatible with more office needs. It provides companies with healthy and vibrant, comfortable and durable, and high-performing workspaces based on behavioral needs.

    All Hands Room can accommodate large scale meetings of more than 24 people, and add products such as TV projection screen and writing whiteboard in the room to maximize the efficiency of space usage. three kinds of conference folding tables: Tyro, Molo and Four Fold, can be freely moved and spliced.

    The high-specification administrative space meets the needs of business reception and negotiation, and showcases the brand image of the company through the space.

    This space’s “circulation” design allows people to choose between more private or more open functional areas. You can either brainstorm in the open space or think independently in the Focus Zone.

    Beijing exhibition hall encourages everyone to actively participate in the discussion, supporting people’s diverse behavior with screen casting tools, movable partitions and flexible seating.

    In the future, NOVAH looks forward to providing solutions for office spaces in different industries to create efficient and healthy spaces.

    Design: ADM
    Photography: courtesy of NOVAH