Century City Law Office – Los Angeles

And And And Studio designed the Century City Law offices in Los Angeles, creating an airy and open space with warm wood tones and 70s-inspired design elements.

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 22,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Los Angeles, California, United States,
  • Industry Law Firm / Legal Services,
  • And And And Studio completed the Century City Law offices with a warm and mid-century feel in Los Angeles, California.

    This Century City Law Office in Los Angeles, California is home to a well known entertainment law firm designed by Annie Ritz and Daniel Rabin of And And And Studio. With an impressive Hollywood client roster the firm is consistently among Los Angeles’ top entertainment attorneys.

    When the firm chose to bring on Ritz and Rabin for the office design, they were going back and forth on whether they should stay in their current office or move to a different building. Staying meant rethinking the entire floor plan, as they needed more private offices for employees and better communal spaces. They also needed to re-evaluate and rethink the aesthetics of the existing office space. Ritz and Rabin guided the client to keep the 22,000 sq.ft. space and were tasked with completely gutting the existing office. The goal was for Ritz and Rabin to make the space feel airy, open and more akin to a hotel lobby than an office. They traded slightly smaller private offices in order to provide the entire office with inviting and functional communal spaces. The 70s-inspired design transcends through warm wood tones and bold-hued gold and green fabrics. This goal was met with several challenges due to the pandemic, creating delays and changes, specing and re-specing products, all while balancing a tight timeline.

    The client required more than 30 private offices and as a result, many of the existing partners would have to accept a smaller private space more in line with a modern, open office layout. The trade off to slightly smaller private offices was that Ritz and Rabin were able to design unique, inviting and functional communal spaces. Upon entering the reception area, clients and visitors are welcomed by a custom reception desk with Rombini Tile, Bassam Fellows sling lounge chairs and an Angelo M Marble Table from Alinea Designs. The office also boasts a full designed and detailed office system when you first enter. The deco reference continues with more Rombini tiling by Mutina in the lounge and conference room. Some of the standout features are the custom-sourced green marble kitchen and Raf Simons fabric wall as acoustical panels in the conference room. Throughout the office you will also find Menu’s Brasilia chairs, Arflex sofas, and a Phillipe Malouin sofa for SCP.

    From early concepts through construction and completion, Rabin and Ritz of And And And Studio, have a knack for understanding each client’s point of view and how that translates into the built environment. The culture and design approach of their studio is holistic; they don’t distinguish between architecture, interiors and design and seek to create work that speaks to that ethos. Their approach to the re-design of this office embraces the goals and ethos of this law firm, giving a unique design to the space that is distinct.

    Design: And And And Studio
    Photography: Chris Mottalini