Banca Tema Offices – Arezzo

  • Client Banca Tema,
  • size 4,306 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Arezzo, Italy,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Modourbano designed the Banca Tema offices with earth tones and light spaces in Arezzo, Italy.

    The concept created by the architecture firm for the redesign of the BancaTEMA branches, on the one hand, is strongly inspired by the landscape elements of Arezzo and Siena; on the other, through a careful layout of the spaces, is designed to meet the needs of a more private clientele.

    To design the concept, Modourbano tried to highlight the deep link between the credit institution, the territory, and the collaborative spirit that over time the management had created with its members and depositors. The goal was also to implement business continuity between local companies and the bank itself.

    The idea was to extrapolate some fundamental elements of the territory of the Maremme such as the sea, the forest and the countryside, so as to dip the design in those colors and in that particular soil modeling. This is how the concept of the branches comes to life: the boiserie of the blue of the Tyrrhenian, the green of the stain and the wavy surfaces in the furniture.

    In the Arezzo’s branch, addressing a private audience, was born an image in which prevailed the shades of brown that give a material space solid and stone, an image that recalls the walls of the medieval cities of Tuscany.

    The other issue on which Modourbano worked closely with the bank is linked to a different conception of the bank window, a concept of space in which the barriers between the user and the staff were no longer so rigid and in which a relationship of trust and transparency between the customer and the bank could be established. Modourbano planned to eliminate all security devices such as compasses and access controls and define a self-H24 area, which in the opening hours of the bank would be placed in spatial and visual continuity with the same. The Milanese architecture studio has also replaced the counter with cash or consulting stations where customers and operators could share the opportunity to see the same screen in an atmosphere of maximum transparency.

    From the distribution point of view, the branch has an important self h24 area with two atm, a first reception for customers of “counter” with two zones for cash activities and management offices. In the inner areas Modourbano has provided a lounge area with comfortable sofas and a part dedicated to hospitality; from here the space turns to elegant consulting offices and a reconfigurable meeting room for conferences.

    Design: Modourbano
    Photography: Margherita Caldi Inchingolo