Holzrausch Offices – Munich

  • Client Holzrausch,
  • size 10,333 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Munich, Germany,
  • Industry Design,
  • Holzrausch created a warm space with strong lines for their office space in Munich, Germany.

    Holzrausch is a German interior design studio with workshop, taking a holistic approach to design. Holzrausch handles planning, design, and production of spaces both public and private, either in-house or in close collaboration with architects, planners, and clients. The studio in Blumenstraße makes it possible to experience the world of Holzrausch. On the one hand, it serves as a showroom that demonstrates Holzrausch’s generous use of space and materials, but above all, it is designed as a place for people to meet. The space was completely restored to its raw state. Its center is the spacious, light-flooded showroom with individually controllable lighting installation. The gutting of the once-nested space created new sightlines and exposed the rooms’ support structure of columns and beams, which give the space its character today. The floor is made of 120 x 120 cm shell limestone slabs, scratch finish and laid with open joints. The room dividers have stainless-steel panels with swirl finish on one side and linoleum doors to the other. The visual backbone of the space is a 28-meter-long dark oak shelving unit that stretches across the entire wall. Thus, the place creates a pleasant atmosphere for employees and visitors alike. At the same time, the studio is a place for creative exchange and inspiration. The studio was designed to be used for events, exhibitions, and dinners without major alterations.

    Design: Holzrausch
    Photography: Oliver Jaist