Golden Guardians E-Sports Facility Offices – Playa Vista

ORA Los Angeles designed the Golden Guardians' offices in Playa Vista as a modern e-sports facility that prioritizes natural light, wellness, and a warm welcoming environment, while promoting teamwork, agility, and playfulness.

  • Client Golden Guardians,
  • size 9,140 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Playa Vista, California, United States,
  • Industry Entertainment, Sports,
  • ORA Los Angeles redefined what a modern e-sports facility could be in the design of the Golden Guardians‘ offices in Playa Vista, California.

    This new headquarters for the Golden Guardians brings two distinct user groups together – e-sports players and creatives. To stand apart from its competition (who have collectively leaned into a modern “tech” aesthetic) a fresh new perspective for the space was desired.

    A programming phase with both user groups defined project needs, functions and key adjacencies. A series of interconnected “neighborhoods” for work and practice are focused around the perimeter of the space taking advantage of natural light and Ballona Creek views. They connect to common open areas via “laneways” housing support spaces that require acoustic separation. Located at the crossroads of the neighborhoods; open areas are conceived as “courtyards” where the community comes together. These flexible spaces provide areas for eating, relaxing and collaborative work as well as accommodating events and tournaments. A state-of-the-art, flexible black-box studio in the heart of the space is used for recording digital content, photography, VR and workshops.

    Leaving the cold and tech-driven standard behind, our design focuses on natural light and wellness. Health is prioritized through strategically locating spaces to encourage walking, designing the kitchen to provide a visual connection to healthy food and snacks, adding an exercise area, massage room and an outdoor courtyard with a basketball hoop. Finishes and furnishings were selected through a hospitality lens creating a warm welcoming environment which, when paired with the company’s branding results in a unique and distinctive venue.

    Designed to echo the values the team represents, the space celebrates the future of work – teamwork, integrity, agility, playfulness to create a holistic, healthy environment for users to come together to work and play.

    Design: ORA Los Angeles
    Lead Designer: Oonagh Ryan
    Contractor: Corporate Contractors
    Photography: Eric Staudenmaier