Ventilation Surveys and Services Offices – Liverpool

  • Client Ventilation Surveys and Services,
  • size 4,800 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location United Kingdom, Liverpool, England,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Penketh Group partnered with Ventilation Surveys and Services to transform their existing office space in Liverpool, England.

    Ventilation Surveys and Services approached us when looking for a partner to transform their existing office space. Upon receiving the initial brief and hearing our clients initial ideas, we recognised opportunities for reconfiguring the space to encourage fluid movement between space, encouraging the use of communal areas and foster a sense of connection and community amongst the team. During our first visit to the site, our teams recognised that natural light transfer could be improved, so we devised a solution by relocating the mezzanine stairs. This strategic adjustment not only improved the distribution of natural light but also resulted in a brighter and more inviting environment.

    Our design team found abundant inspiration in the stunning industrial mill, featuring exposed brick columns and expansive arched windows. The floor-to-ceiling windows, adorned with captivating green steel frames, serve as the foundation for the narrative and colour palette of our design scheme. By complementing the green industrial structure with natural, earthy tones, we achieved a harmonious balance that resulted in a comfortable, cozy, and welcoming interior space.

    The incredible arched windows served as a muse for the entire décor and furniture selection process. We incorporated custom manifestations, wallpapers, and decorative accessories to further enhance their striking presence throughout the mill.

    To enhance the original building’s industrial ambiance and create a more natural atmosphere, we incorporated an abundant selection of indoor plants. Plant choices were carefully made, focusing on their ability to improve indoor air quality. The inclusion of monstera and lilies was guided by the client’s expertise in ventilation and air purification.

    Given the building’s lofty ceilings, we strategically placed planters throughout the space to enhance acoustics and dampen excessive noise. Each planter was equipped with acoustic backers to further optimise sound absorption. The plants themselves also played a significant role in absorbing sound waves, contributing to a more pleasant auditory environment.

    Our furniture selection prioritised soft seating, particularly in communal and open areas. As well as enhancing comfort, this deliberate choice facilitated better noise control and fostered an environment conducive to improved concentration and focus for the staff.

    The integration of workplace technology played a pivotal role in fulfilling VSS’s objectives, as it directly contributes to their business success and operations. The comprehensive technology portfolio encompassed a variety of intelligent screens, interactive boards, Barco ClickShare for seamless collaboration and remote meetings, as well as tech-integrated furniture, including booths equipped with screens. In addition, we incorporated CCTV and access control systems to enhance security measures for the client.

    Moreover, we successfully modernised a traditional training area by introducing tech-integrated furniture, replacing conventional desks and chairs with the versatile Steelcase Node chair. This chair features castor wheels and a tablet arm, resulting in a more dynamic, flexible, and adaptable space that caters to diverse training needs.

    Design: Penketh Group
    Design Team: Hayley Watters, Georgie Lever
    Photography: Jack Prew