Graymont Offices – Richmond

  • Client Graymont,
  • size 19,817 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location RIchmond, Canada,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Aura replicated the welcoming spirit of Graymont in the energetic design of their offices in Richmond, Canada.

    Graymont is a global leader in lime and limestone solutions. Professionally managed and family-owned, the company has been in operation for 75 years. With a long-standing company history, Graymont has developed solid corporate principles, but its physical environment lacked a particular energy. The company’s existing design and layout were insufficiently utilized and needed to be restructured to provide better space utilization and increased amenities. Working together with Aura, Graymont was able to take its head office to the next level, creating a flexible, collaborative, and welcoming workspace that is highly optimized for hybrid work.

    The new head office incorporates Graymont’s brand identity and company story. Designers devoted special attention to detail and finishes, resulting in a design featuring minerality, soft angles, straight lines, and a west coast feel. Furthermore, workplace branding is woven into various aspects of the design. Elements of Graymont’s logo are seen throughout the building, from the reception area to specific lighting features. The primary colour palette consists of Graymont’s brand colours: blues, blacks, and grey, with a secondary palette of orange, yellow, and pockets of green biophilia. Preserved foliage can be seen throughout the workplace, and the conference centre has a statement tree to brighten up the office. Natural elements give visual relaxation, help focus, inspire creativity, and create a welcoming environment that fosters harmony within the workplace.

    Employees have numerous individual workstations and touchdown desks but also have access to various meeting spaces, phone booths, and communal areas to break away from task-based independent work. All meeting rooms are highly optimized for hybrid work, seamlessly blending in-person and remote interactions.

    The new lunchroom and staff lounge are suitable for small informal meetings and more significant team events. There are various seating options, ranging from counter stools, long communal tables, booths, circular solo, and double seating; everyone has a space to enjoy lunch or casual interactions. With a fully stocked kitchen and great amenities, the new lunchroom is inviting, collaborative and has a café feel.

    The office also features an expansive boardroom which can support large gatherings and external personnel when required. The conference table comprises smaller units and is flexible, movable, and foldable. The table supports free movement and can be arranged in different combinations, including conference, classroom, and circular style, according to the purpose of the meeting. The boardroom also integrates modern technology and features large screens that allow for presentations, unobtrusive video conferencing capabilities, and an acoustic panel installation on 3 of 4 walls to help with sound mitigation and acoustic privacy.

    The design goal was achieved by offering numerous spaces for employees to work, interact, socialize, and connect, all within the working environment. Within the new workplace, in-office and remote employees may easily engage and communicate, breaking down the barriers of hybrid work. Graymont’s new head office represents who they are, with subtle integrations of workplace branding; its history and story are interwoven seamlessly within the new hybrid work environment.

    Design: Aura
    Photography: Russell Dalby