Bosch Offices – Pune

  • Client Bosch,
  • size 92,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Pune, India,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • adrianse* created a concept to reflect the culture of BOSCH at their offices located in Pune, India.

    ‘Think agile, work mobile, connect as one’

    Bosch as a company that is reimagining tomorrow from a traditional set up and ways of working towards an agile culture. This BOSCH Pune design is a live example of the transformation.

    BOSCH is moving away from a traditional set up and way of working to a culture of agility. To do so, adrianse* started the design process in three steps – inspiration through understanding the client, ideation based on Bosch’s design principles, and implementation to tell our client’s story. This was done by creating a garage of tools for everyone since BOSCH loves that everyone is different. Creating such a future ready office was not only an important undertaking for adrianse*, but an incredible achievement. There were several stakeholder engagements and alignment, with immense focus on the quality of materials and energy efficiency as both companies look towards the future. A true collaboration in innovation and inclusivity created this beautiful workspace.

    Design: adrianse*
    Design Team: Santoshi BM, Devshree T, Priyanaka D, Sandeep K, Praveen Kumar, Viswanath V, Chinmayee A.
    Photography: Prajwal S.