OLLY Offices – San Francisco

Fennie + Mehl designed an industrial office space for OLLY in San Francisco, creating an experience that embodies health and resembles a wellness camp through fun, bright, and joyful moments.

  • Client OLLY,
  • size 20,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Fennie + Mehl created an industrial office space that reflects the company mission of OLLY in San Francisco, California.

    OLLY, makers of nutritious gummy supplements, have a unique brand that intertwines happiness and wellness. When one enters their new San Francisco headquarters, they step right into that feeling . With a multitude of spaces for coming together, heads-down work, and a lab-like test kitchen where the health gummies are developed, the designers sought to create an experience that embodies health and resembles more of a wellness camp than an office space.

    The design challenge revolved around how to create a spatial experience that lived up to the OLLY brand identity. Because happiness is meant to be spread, the designers filled Camp OLLY with places to share experiences through fun, bright, joyful moments. Around every corner are artistic representations of the outdoors to remind employees that nature is the ultimate backdrop to health and wellness.

    A key moment at OLLY is when the elevator opens: an all-white reception and curved display wall resembles an all-in-one laboratory and retail space. The reception desk gives a nod to the smiling OLLY logo as well as the shape of the company’s unique bottles, indicating they’ve officially stepped into the brand.

    This first impression and experience intentionally takes place in the heart of Camp OLLY, right off of the bright and beautiful kitchen. The large moss OLLY “O” is at the head of a picnic-inspired “family table” where the company gathers for their daily lunches that have been sacred to their culture for years.

    OLLY was only able to enjoy their new space briefly before the pandemic took hold. One year later, OLLY was able to step back into that feeling again. It’s the same feeling you have when you’re part of a camp that’s centered around health and happiness. You leave excited to come back for more.

    Design: Fennie + Mehl
    Design Team: Jenna Ruth, Diana Nankin, Madeline Giblin
    Photography: Omied Arvin