Confidential Government Agency Offices – Edmonton

Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning designed a modern and inventive office space for a confidential government agency in Edmonton, Canada.

This relocation plan brought two government teams together to occupy two floors of an office tower in the heart of the city. This was an opportunity to create a more effective and engaging environment, one where they would work as a united team while serving Canadians nationally. The project began in August 2019 and was completed in March 2022.

The client had existing standards and mandates for workplace developments. Our objective was to meet these standards while instilling a sense of place and unity. During the discovery period with our client, we uncovered their passion for the city. Using that as a starting point for our design concept, we aimed to celebrate their team’s local culture and collective pride, respect and admiration for the city.

Inspired by the surrounding evolving urban landscape, the open office is flooded with natural light.

The lobby features a backlit local artist’s mural of the bridge connecting a nearby river valley leading into downtown, as a nod to their people coming to the office.

The centre of the space was designed to emulate the city’s downtown ‘core’ – evoking an energizing, raw, solid, reflective and powerful energy. The ‘core’ fosters connections to quadrants of the ‘city’ through adjoining ‘communities’ and neighbourhood-themed collaboration areas – each with a distinct identity and character. The ‘communities’ and ‘neighbourhoods’ help create diverse and vibrant destinations that encourage relationships between people and place.

With floor-to-ceiling glass, the core is one continuous iridescent black and white photograph of the city that creates a 3D effect. This is where everyone connects with boardrooms for meetings, presentations and celebrations.

‘Neighbourhood’ touchdown points are inspired by local landmarks evoking pride and community. Local artists were engaged to enrich these spaces.

The bright kitchen is on the perimeter of the building. With plenty of light and space for refreshments, it reflects a well-lit, rejuvenating and healthy community space.

The new workplace gives employees a sense of strengthened belonging. It works to dissipate the nondescript atmosphere that comes with working for a large governmental department. Employees are enabled to be productive, empowered and connected – allowing them to be the best they can be at work.

As a result, the agency’s employees are excited to come to work in a hybrid workplace that celebrates all that unites them as a team.

Design: Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning
Photography: Eymeric Widling