MC Finance & Consulting Asia Offices – Singapore

  • Client MC Finance & Consulting Asia,
  • size 2,780 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services, Financial / Investments,
  • ID21 was tasked with completing the MC Finance & Consulting Asia offices as a sleek and collaborative space in Singapore.

    A Revitalised Workplace Inspired by Identity and Hospitality
    MC Finance & Consulting Asia is a financial consulting firm that provides financial advisory services to clients worldwide. As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, MC Finance & Consulting Asia is located within the same building as their parent company. In response to evolving workplace needs, MC Finance & Consulting Asia wanted to transform their existing office into one that fulfils the needs of a hybrid workforce.

    At the corporate identity level, we seamlessly weaved in references to MC Finance & Consulting Asia’s relationship with Mitsubishi Corporation, particularly at the front of house. This includes the generous application of a customised copper colour inspired by the parent company’s corporate red, as well as the use of geometric curves and spiral design elements to reflect MC Finance & Consulting Asia’s dynamic identity and connection to one of Japan’s largest conglomerates..

    At the individual level, we aimed to strike a balance between ‘hardware’ (smart technologies) and ‘heartware’ (lifestyle-centered arrangements) to ensure occupant comfort, health, and productivity. An Activity Based Working (ABW) concept accommodates a myriad of working styles and preferences, housed in two radically different settings to offer choice to users: a sophisticated work café as well as a more conventional office environment supported by smart technology.

    The front of house, dedicated to formal meetings and casual conversations, features touches of hospitality. Here, users of the boardroom and social hub enjoy panoramic views of the city and the sea, which are further accentuated by large windows that draw in plenty of natural light.

    With its centralised location, the social hub sets a relaxed tone for the rest of the space. Characterised by dark wood and marble-like finishings, this cosy area at the front of house welcomes visitors and staff alike. Additionally, it serves as an alternative work area and a retreat from the office environment.

    The back office exudes a different type of energy with its muted colour palette and sleek office system furnishings. We intentionally kept the design simple and functional, and introduced a community vibe through a corkboard feature wall and a long table with pouf seats.

    User comfort and wellness are further emphasised through the maximisation of natural light and a dynamic seating plan, where employees can work from height-adjustable desks or take their work to the open collaboration area nearby. A discussion nook tucked in front of the Managing Director’s desk further encourages spontaneous discussions to take place without having to venture to the front of house.

    From the elegant environment of the shared spaces to the quieter work zone at the back office, the well-considered layout plan offers plenty of attractive options to each employee, allowing them to choose the right setting to perform at their best. At MC Finance & Consulting Asia’s Singapore office, the design genuinely prioritises collaboration and a sense of connectedness between people and with the company.

    Design: ID21
    Photography: Kelvin Cuff