EGG Coworking Offices – Tokyo

MAWD designed the EGG coworking offices in Tokyo, with a focus on flexible space, collaboration, community, conscious design, connection, customization, and the use of recycled materials.

  • Client EGG Coworking,
  • Year 2023
  • Location Tokyo, Japan,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • MAWD designed the EGG coworking offices with a conscious approach to flexible space in Tokyo, Japan.

    Situated in the heart of Marunouchi, Tokyo’s business district, EGG is a business community supporting overseas companies looking to expand into Japan, as well as growing Japanese businesses aiming to expand globally. Located in the Shin-Marunouchi Building, a famous high-rise owned by real estate developer Mitsubishi Estate, EGG features commercial offices alongside the M Cube, an innovation community run by Mitsubishi Estate which is a renewal of the Tokyo 21c Club – a community designed to support business development for start-up businesses.

    Applying their research-based experience-centric design philosophy, MAWD have worked with Mitsubishi Estate to deliver a highly flexible and innovative design solution for EGG. This solution is driven by a deep understanding of EGG’s next generation of tenants, and their needs and expectations. The desire of future tenants to make positive environmental and social impact on the world has dictated MAWD’s focus on five key design drivers – collaboration, community, conscious design, connection, and customization.

    The refurbishment and expansion of EGG is driven first and foremost by an increasing need for collaborative spaces. MAWD’s reconfiguration of the reception area includes a gathering fire and ‘collaboration zone’, forming an inviting entry to the interior office spaces. The collaboration zone will act as a place to meet and present and can also transform into a practical events space for up to 120 people. Open desk and lounge areas reiterate this sense of collaboration alongside an F&B area in which to relax and socialize, whilst dedicated working desks in quiet corners offer opportunities for privacy.

    Flexible gathering spaces will be used to host a vibrant program of curated events fostering a sense of community throughout the space. Differing seating groups are designed to promote social interaction, with furniture in a range of styles that encourages formal and informal social setups. State-of-the-art technology is embedded at every level, allowing tenants to connect with colleagues and clients globally. Tech enabled focus booths, meeting booths and rooms in a number of different sizes and configurations provide flexibility to suit the needs of the modern-day tenant.

    The overall design is hospitality-led, sophisticated and relaxed, with warm tones and lighting to generate a feeling of residential home and comfort. Differing textures work to provide authenticity, with a blend of raw and warm finishes and a focus on elemental design that echoes nature, featuring planted greenery and gathering fires.

    Equally, conscious design is central to MAWD’s approach, and recycled materials have been used with innovation throughout the design. Foresso, a material derived from timber waste, is incorporated into the reception desk, while seashell wastage materials have been integrated into the kitchen design and acoustic panelling made from recycled plastic bottles is used in meeting booths. By creating stories around these materials that are better for the planet, MAWD hopes to encourage the innovation of more sustainable materials.

    MAWD’s design aligns closely with EGG’s commercial ambitions, resulting in a fully customizable office space. Plug and play fit out packages mean that spaces are pre-prepared to a certain specification, allowing tenants to move straight in. Building flexibility into the design means that spaces within the building can be used in different ways by different tenants, and easily adapted for their needs.

    Design: MAWD
    Photography: Satoru Umetsu | Nacása & Partners