NHR Offices – Seoul

SPACEBASE designed the NHR offices in Seoul with a focus on functionality and form, using warm colors and wood decor to create a friendly and inviting workspace.

  • Client NHR,
  • size 59,449 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing, Consulting / Business Services,
  • SPACEBASE designed a thoughtful layout with intention for functionality and form at the NHR offices in Seoul, South Korea.

    NHR started as a recruitment marketing team at the ‘University Tomorrow’ and is a recruitment agency. The company plans all processes of recruitment, including recruitment branding, establishment of recruitment systems, aptitude tests, and written examinations. Carrying on the tradition of its predecessor, ‘University Tomorrow’, it also conducts recruiting on university campuses and advances a step closer to understanding the issues of companies, leading recruitment branding efforts. Thus, even during the COVID era, they have swiftly carried out various events using the metaverse, achieving notable growth among HR Tech companies.

    Initially NHR shared a workplace in Gongdeok with it’s holding company, University Tomorrow but due to the growing needs of the company, had to relocate to an 11-story building.

    The Hwagok area, where NHR is relocating to, is one of the towns which represents the modern history of Korean residences with a local market. It encapsulates 50 years of Korean housing culture, it is known as ‘The place with warm neighbor.’

    The design team felt that these warm aspects of the area resembled NHR’s CI. They has connected these two characteristics and initated the design process for the entire work space with the concept of ‘Friendlly Neighborhood.’ They team tested various aspects of how to apply NHR’s brand color, purple, so that it would match well with the warmth of the space. They applied Dunn-edwards’s paint, ‘Grape Jam’ and ‘Playful Purple’ to the furniture, creating NHR’s unique stools and tables. Also, to match the wood decor, they used Renolit’s wood film to create a calm yet warm atmosphere. The cafeteria, used by many people, was designed using wooden fiber boards to portray a warm feeling from the natural texture and to enhance the sound absorption capability of the space.

    The NHR building has 11 floors, and from the 4th floor, a pleasant working environment is created, where you can feel the seasons and time through the atrium located in the center of the building.

    The aboveground floors are configured with different roles for each floor, including the floor only for conference and meeting rooms, shared office, cafeteria, and rooftop. This design resolves the narrowing problem of due to the building’s atrium. The basement floor is designed to establish top-notch facility such as a gym, sleeping room, shower room, studio, and logistics warehouse.

    Design: SPACEBASE
    Photography: Dongkyu Kim, Jeongkyu Kim