NHMedia Offices – Hilversum

Hollandse Nieuwe designed the NHMedia offices in Hilversum with a focus on creating a collaborative and efficient workspace, utilizing a physical line called the "Media Flow" to connect different areas and showcase local treasures.

  • Client NHMedia,
  • size 16,146 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hilversum, Netherlands,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Hollandse Nieuwe and Cerius completed the NHMedia offices with intentionality for collaboration and work flow in Hilversum, Netherlands.

    NHMedia are the media company of North Holland. Having outgrown their shared office space, they decided to move from Amsterdam to Hilversum. Hollandse Nieuwe were tasked with developing a new, inspiring workspace in the M-Media Building in Hilversum.

    However, NHMedia’s move was not simply about expansion. The brief also outlined a number of organizational challenges that the new workplace should resolve. The new office was to show clearly the deep bond between NHMedia and the 10 regions and 47 municipalities that they represent. Beyond this, the office was to be a home where colleagues from each region can connect to the brand and to each other. The workplace was to also actively support new ways of working, creating a seamless and logical space for all employees and visitors. And all of this, in a space where news, radio and local information would have a visible and tangible presence.

    The Media Flow
    The new building had huge potential as a space, as well as a potential issue of becoming two separated offices instead of a unified whole. After careful analysis using NHMedia’s new spatial, cultural and social requirements to guide the process, the concept of the ‘Media Flow’ began to unfold as a simple way of resolving many of these challenges and issues with a single flexible element.

    The Media Flow is a physical line that organizes the workplace and connects each facet of NH Media. The line takes the form of a semi-transparent wall that can change from displaying live news and signage, to being a showcase of local treasures or a doorway to different workplace typologies.

    Travel through the Flow
    The spatial quality of the Media flow allows it to switch between open and closed spaces. This means that certain spaces are ‘in’ the flow and others outside of it. The main entrance to the office, via lift or stairs, places you straight away at the heart of NHMedia, between the two office wings. Here the Media Flow is solid and functions as a Wunderkammer, showing local treasures, keep-sakes and objects from each of the 47 municipalities. Moving into the wings, the line becomes more transparent, showing spaces inside, such as a workspace of an editor or designer. The open spaces use the Flow as a backdrop or dividing screen, while still showing glimpses of news, live recordings and office activity.

    Design: Hollandse Nieuwe
    Project Manager: Cerius
    Photography: Ewout Huibers