Clyde & Co Offices – Vancouver

  • Client Clyde & Co,
  • size 9,075 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Vancouver, Canada,
  • Industry Law Firm / Legal Services,
  • Aura designed the Clyde & Co offices with thoughtful materials in a bright space in Vancouver, Canada.

    Clyde & Co is a global law firm providing a complete service to clients in its core sectors of insurance, transport, energy, infrastructure, and trade & commodities. Establishing its Vancouver office in 2021 marked a significant milestone, becoming an integral part of Clyde & Co.’s expansive global practice, catering to local and international clients. Due to its growth, the firm felt it was time to restructure and redesign the workplace, creating a fresh perspective on the existing space.

    Through extensive research, programming, and visioning sessions, Aura’s designers developed solutions that helped the client create a balanced workplace that considers its function and people. The 9,075 sq/ft office space features 27 offices on the perimeter, with workstations and bookable office spaces in the interior, two large boardrooms, a remodelled lunchroom, and a newly integrated phone room. A natural colour palette featuring different shades of grey and subtle integrations of the brand’s teal colour provides an elegant, sleek, cohesive interior.

    The reception and client lounge area sets the tone of trust and professionalism. The materials and curved geometry offer a soothing and organic feel, making clients comfortable the moment they enter the office. Muted colours, natural elements, and biophilia provide a warm and welcoming space.

    Large private offices have been standardized and downsized to maximize usable space and increase the number of offices and support staff workstations. Furthermore, adding new offices, reconfiguring open offices, and integrating existing and unique storage solutions provide better workflow and environment for everyone in the space. Ergonomics plays a critical role in the new office space. Changes such as better lighting, brighter colours, and open and engaging spaces provide a more comfortable and functional workplace. Glazing on the glass allows light to shine into the office while allowing privacy.

    The newly revamped lunchroom is a vibrant focal point within the office. The previous space had a dim atmosphere and was due for a much-needed transformation. Designers redesigned the lunchroom, opening it up and giving it a fresh look that invites employees to interact and forge connections. Recognizing Clyde & Co’s affinity for celebrations and worker gatherings, the new lunchroom aims to cultivate an environment that nurtures team spirit and a sense of care, engagement, and belongingness. An exciting addition to the space is the integration of a phone room, a departure from the prior library that occupied the room. Designers repurposed the area, transforming it into a conversation space where staff can engage in private and semi-private conversations with clients.

    The new office strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, professionalism, and personal comfort, seamlessly blending natural elements with modern design. The minimal, elegant, and consistent ambiance creates an atmosphere where staff and clients feel at ease, fostering a sense of comfort and belonging. Subtle yet impactful design details, like tambour wood panelling and soft lighting, impart the comforts of home to this upscale workspace. The transformation aligns perfectly with Clyde & Co’s cultural demands and corporate growth ambitions, supporting their mission to excel in the sectors driving global trade and commercial activity.

    Design: Aura
    Photography: Russell Dalby