Private Banking Client Suites – Hong Kong

  • Client Unnamed Financial Company,
  • size 100,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • One Space Limited created a fun and sophisticated space that flows to the outdoors for a private banking company’s client suites in Hong Kong.

    This project covers flagship Private Banking Client Suites and a multi-faceted Workplace for one of the largest Swiss private banks. Located in Two Taikoo Place, it occupies nearly 100,000 square feet of this newly completed Grade A tower, aiming to provide an immersive and personalised private banking experience for the bank’s high-nett-worth clients, as well as to engineer a future-proofed workplace for 500+ staff.

    The new premises would need to showcase the bank’s rich heritage whilst emphasising its continuous innovation and forward-thinking services that drive success for its multi-generational customers. Alongside the entire floor dedicated to client-servicing suites, the private bank office spans three storeys.

    The Reception area features well-crafted oak panelling, a uniquely textured 3D glazed terracotta feature wall, natural stone floors with soft area rugs and plush leather seating. Here the design thoughtfully reinterprets the bank’s global brand identity with updated nuances, striking a balance between innovation and adherence to the bank’s well-established pedigree.

    Beyond this generous arrival zone, a set of well-appointed meeting suites offer clients a range of specially curated privileges and experiences. Meanwhile, the office was designed to support flexible working patterns and accommodate various work modes. The open environment promotes collaboration and offers adaptability for changing work behaviours. Single offices are strategically located at the centre to admit daylight deeply into the workspaces.

    Each floor is colour-themed, and features a uniquely named collaboration zone and identifiable neighbourhood destinations for easy wayfinding. Ample meeting spaces and alternative workpoints with different setups encourage flexible, activity-based work behaviours. The workstation typology breaks down silos by angling clusters of workstations, expanding vantage points throughout the open floors.

    For a more informal vibe, One Space has created a 5,800 sq ft vibrant, fun and adaptable work-lounge – just beyond the Reception zone and behind a concealed door – based on a private club concept. This highly versatile space can be transformed from a daytime collaboration lounge into an evening entertainment venue with stunning views, programmable lighting, music and audiovisual displays. A further unexpected indulgence is discovered behind another concealed door: A private dining room and wine bar served by a full catering kitchen, and a 2,240 sf outdoor terrace overlooking Victoria Harbour.

    Design: One Space Limited
    Design Team: Karin Fu, Erica Man, Stephanie Fok, Dickson Yuen
    Photography: Graham Uden, Simon J Nicol