Sunrock Offices – Amsterdam

  • Client Sunrock,
  • size 17,760 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering, Energy / Mining / Oil,
  • Mirato designed a colorful and modern space for the Sunrock offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Sunrock, as the market leader in solar park development, has outgrown its current office due to rapid expansion. The company’s new office is housed in the Afactorij, a former bicycle factory located in the vibrant Schinkelkwartier. Mirato won the design + build contract pitch by focusing on the core essence of the project: letting the story of Sunrock be told through the sun.

    To capture how the sun rotated around the building, we first did a solar study. The old factory is located on the North, to let in even light during production without creating any shadows. The sun revolves around the office from east to west all day long.

    The design plays with light and shadow, reflection and transparency.
    We tried to capture the movement of the sun with our design. The color gradients show that the sun never feels the same: sometimes it’s hard and bright, sometimes soft and warm. We wanted to capture this feeling in the office.

    In the workspace, we have captured the color gradient of the sun throughout the day by painting each phone booth or meeting spot in a unique hue. You can witness a color transition from morning to evening, depicting the changing shades of the sun.

    Design: Mirato
    Photography: Leon Vermij