Accor Group Offices – Istanbul

OPS Concept designed a dynamic workspace for the Accor Group offices in Istanbul, incorporating warm hues, natural elements, and various workspaces to promote productivity and well-being.

  • Client Accor Group,
  • size 5,597 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Hospitality,
  • OPS Concept created a dynamic space with a variety of areas for the Accor Group offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Located at Assembly Ferko Signature Levent, the interior architecture design of Accor Hotel Group Istanbul Head Office has been implemented by OPS Concept. This one-floor project consists of a reception and a lobby, 2 meeting rooms, two focus rooms, 1 IT room, 7 executive rooms, an open office area for 24 persons, a common workspace, and a kitchen.

    Shaped in line with OPS Concept’s conceptual line and Accor Group’s expectations, warm hues and materials dominate the project in an effort to combine natural elements thanks to the industrial exposed ceiling. The natural elements used in the interior architecture are blended with curvilinear and natural forms, along with industrial components.

    Neo mint green color is blended with saturated colors that represent the nature with a tone-on-tone fluidity to create a young and dynamic workspace in the indoor areas.

    Guided by Lamp 83 company, the project’s illumination design provides the employees with a sufficient level of light on the desk surfaces to offer a comfortable work environment by ensuring a homogeneous and soft light distribution by means of pendants luminaires with microprismatic diffusers. Also, the roller blinds that can be used either open or closed serve the purpose of blacking out.

    The use of Forbo Flotex carpet tile certified against allergy as a floor covering ensures a healthy sound insulation, while offering a long-lasting and maintenance friendly material option that conforms to the office design. On the other hand, separation in the transition between spaces is ensured through curvilinear cuts within the office space. Acoustic ceiling boards have been placed within the waffle slab spacings to prevent echo, to raise the height, and to create a monochrome passage between building elements by using the same hue with the walls on ceilings too.

    The project has prominent various workspaces and sharing hubs in the open areas. Especially, dynamic alternatives are offered in the work planes. Besides the standard operational desk, the open office design covers common areas, tall tables, common kitchen, a bar, shared boxes, and the spaces to be used for short individual and team meetings. The primary expectation for ergonomics in the spatial specifications has been to gain an emotional benefit. Increasing the employees’ productivity in emotional terms and provision of workplaces in various planes instead of fixed posture, fixed time, and fixed furniture in line with the human ergonomics have delivered great dynamism, efficiency, and happiness. The smell of coffee or herbal tea brewed in the central area, the areas that reduce the stress factor caused by creative meetings and sharing, and quite different individual and team work spaces in the office have enriched the conceptual line.

    Ms. Gizem Akkaya Ünal, a Senior Interior Architect and founder of OPS Concept, adds “In this age of digitalization, many meetings can be held with different teams and in different times through the applications such as Teams and Zoom. Especially following Covid-19 pandemic, the need for special areas in offices where employees can ensure a sound insulation, conduct digital meetings or individual meetings for their teams, and receive their guests has increased. The demand for tiny spaces with window walls is on the rise to replace the conventional large meeting rooms for individual digital meetings or for digital sharing with these teams. In our future projects, you will probably see more of these tiny spaces with window walls than in the design for Accor Group.”

    Design: OPS Concept
    Photography: Ali Bekman