State Auto Insurance Offices – Columbus

  • Client State Auto Insurance,
  • size 29,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Columbus, Ohio, United States,
  • Industry Insurance,
  • WSA Studio has reimagined the State Auto Insurance offices as a space to welcome employees in Columbus, Ohio.

    Since 2015, the design team has been working both with the owners and a design-build team to evaluate and reconsider the comprehensive real estate portfolio of State Auto, a regional insurance provider in the Midwest. A master plan was created which served as a road map for improvements over the last eight years. This project includes the design of a new campus plan, a pedestrian plaza, the complete renovation of the first floor, and entry vestibules. The design features a migration to a working environment intended to drive collaboration, increase access to technology, and improve employee retention and productivity. The multiple projects aim to update the overall aesthetic of the workplace while increasing energy efficiency of the building through HVAC and electrical upgrades. This project features design for integration, balancing the beauty of the existing facility with new energy efficient initiatives, a strong central idea of placemaking, and an integrated design-build design process. The idea behind State Auto’s lobby renovation was to create a modern, branded environment that maximizes space efficiency, and provides amenities that support flexibility and collaboration. The central atrium of State Auto’s Columbus camps had not seen significant updates since the 1980s. Heavy wood accents and railings were replaced with glass details that reflect the transparency of the organization. A large, central collaboration space encourages group gathering and supports high volumes of people whether it is over the lunch hour or for after-hours events. An emphasis was put on providing employees with everything needed to support them away from their workstations. A cafeteria, grab-and-go, and coffee shop offer a variety of ways to get food and drink. And a health center with state-of-the-art workout equipment and locker rooms also provides employees with a space to focus on their wellness. A feature of downtown Columbus’s Discovery District, the State Auto renovation provides employees with the necessities for a healthy and successful day. That idea is reflected on the outside of the building. The updated entryway, complete with bike storage, is tied into an outdoor plaza which connects the offices to the adjacent Columbus Museum of Art, and makes the environment a part of the neighborhood, rather than an isolated workplace.

    Design: WSA Studio
    Furniture: Dupler Office
    Photography: AJ Brown