from Bernhardt Design

It’s a snap to have the most comfortable chair in the room follow you – with Harry and Claudia
Washington’s Diego lounge. Named after their four-year-old son who keeps them on the move, the Salvadoran designers wanted to create a casual, yet functional chair that adapted to their lives at home and in the studio.

Relaxed in appearance, generously scaled and smartly tailored, Diego surprises with its functionality. Diego features a discreet magnetic tab which automatically snaps into place, allowing it to be pushed or pulled with little effort.

Providing a blank canvas to mix and match contrasting fabrics and textures, Diego offers customizable options to highlight the handle and welt detail that traces the perimeter. The seat’s accentuating edges also embrace the user without restriction.

Diego is available with upholstery options including Bernhardt Textiles, felt, leather, and any customer’s own material (COM).

Designed by Claudia and Harry Washington

Diego by Bernhardt Design