Concast India Offices – Mumbai

  • Client Concast India,
  • size 15,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Studio Design Inc. incorporated color, branding, and dynamic materials for the Concast India offices in Mumbai, India.

    In design, the realm of intangible represents ideas, the tangible the built form. The design concept revolved around finding this space between the intangible and the tangible in the workspace; creating an environment which invokes emotions, tells a story and has a high happiness quotient.

    A comfortable workspace design which inspires people, where explorations take place, where collaborations and transformations occur, – a place where people simply love to come and work. This space “between the intangibles and the tangibles” is what we choose call as Work- Life Balance. This link differentiates and defines the success of a business and its people.

    An engineering company with a vision, the India Headquarters for Concast India Ltd was conceptualised and designed on this narrative.

    The idea of work life balance is taken into every single aspect of design working with tangibles extensively to create the intangibles.

    The program was derived to have a clarity of functions, allowing for both private and public working spaces, collaborative areas, clear circulation and dedicated service zones.

    Space planning across different floors was kept very clean and functional, with biophilic design and color blocking as key design elements.

    Lighting, an essential component focused on human comfort and technology, artificial intelligence and automation was designed to create a completely paper free space; enabling discussions and collaborations digitally within and outside the office space , across different branches and countries seamlessly.

    The way finding and environmental graphics, exploratory of their brand manual, became an integral part with the key design elements.

    An inter weaving and layering of all these design elements allowing for seamless connectivity, comfort and collaboration both physical and visual, thus leading to the work life balance that formed the core design concept.

    Design: Studio Design Inc.
    Design Team: Khushboo Khandelwal, Kunal Khandelwal, Devanshi Rathod
    Interior Contractor: Stencil Engineering Private Limited
    Structural Contractor: Caretakers
    Photography: PHX India