AASHNI + CO Offices – Mumbai

  • Client AASHNI + CO,
  • size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • AVVO and Iram Boxwala Design Studio collaborated on a warm and welcoming environment at the AASHNI + CO offices in Mumbai, India.

    This Mumbai office, spread across 3,000 sq. feet and located in Andheri West, Mumbai, is designed by Ar. Raj Kothari from AVVO and Iram Boxwala from Iram Boxwala Design Studio. Designed for the international luxury fashion Brand “Aashni + Co.” that houses apparel from renowned fashion designers, the space had to be both tasteful as well as functional. Upon visiting the site, we knew we wanted to base our design around the large glass windows that overlooked the panoramic view of the city in three directions with ample of natural light entering the space throughout the day. The location for the CEO’s Cabin was planned first as it has a complete west-facing sunset view, while the pantry was placed in the east to receive the morning sunlight to energise the office. The workstations and breakout area were then planned in the center, allowing for an open connection between the private and public spaces in the office.

    After establishing the functional layout, the next step in the design process was to focus on the aesthetics. Considering the client’s preference for functional, modern, and sleek aesthetics, the design team aimed to incorporate these elements into the overall design. The brand’s identity consists of beige, orange and olive-green, hence it was decided early on to incorporate these into the colour palette of the office which not only reflects the essence of the fashion brand but also creates a cohesive and harmonious environment. All the materials chosen are durable and easy to maintain which include laminates for the furniture and wooden flooring to give a warm and cozy feel. To bring a touch of nature into the office space, planter boxes and overhead planters were integrated into the design. This incorporation of greenery enhances the aesthetics as well as contributes to a more pleasant and refreshing atmosphere.

    As you enter, the reception has a warm feel with a dark wood front desk with a cantilevered slab jutting out to place a beautiful sculpture to add a touch of artistic flair. A cosy rug and cushions from D’decor tie the furniture pieces together. A simple artwork from Indu Art with colours complimenting the overall scheme of the space adds an bold touch to the otherwise subtle white wall. A very talked about feature in the reception is the light from IKEA which looks like an art piece on its own.

    The workstations are designed to cater to the different office departments, such as Marketing, Customer Service, Merchandise, and more. Instead of traditional cubicles, the workstations are constructed as large individual tables for each department, providing ample space for employees to work comfortably and collaboratively. To strike a balance between privacy and connectivity, fun tinted glass partitions are used to separate the workstations that add a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to the office while serving serve a functional purpose.

    The breakout area is aptly designed to be one of the most relaxed spaces in the office. The highlight of this area is a customised couch, which is a central element that stands out due to its adaptability and multiple configurations. The couch is designed in a way that each piece can be moved, allowing for different arrangements to accommodate group discussions or individual work, depending on the need and preference of the employees. The backdrop of the breakout space are simple shutters to hide away the clutter any office brings with it, finished in moulding and an olive-green paint true to the brands colour identity. This space also doubles up as a shoot studio due to its openness and easy reconfiguration when needed. The breakout area and the pantry which includes a kitchenette and a long lunch table is separated by a glass sliding door to bring the entire space together for a daily office lunch break or an office celebration just by opening up the doors.

    The CEO’s cabin has customised furniture curated according to the client’s needs with storages and open shelves with indirect lighting for keeping books, plants and souvenirs collected from her travels. The main table is a custom-made desk in wooden textures and a leather top to give a rich and elegant appeal. We thoughtfully decided to place the conference table in the cabin itself which helps the client to have her meetings at her own comfort zone. An olive-green wall with a decorative light is added to the otherwise warm colour tone of the room to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.

    By combining sophisticated furniture choices, stylish artwork, and captivating lighting, the office creates a positive and memorable impression for anyone entering it. Overall the office boasts of modern luxury aesthetics with functionality and creativity.

    Design: AVVO and Iram Boxwala Design Studio
    Photography: Sagar Mandal