Xsolla Labs Offices – Kuala Lumpur

  • Client Xsolla Labs,
  • size 31,900 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • OSCA completed a space with dynamic work areas for the Xsolla Labs offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The Xsolla Labs area embraces a futuristic spacecraft motif, welcoming employees and visitors into a commercial spaceship environment. A clean, minimalistic zone evokes the sensation of space. Stepping in reveals a vibrant, immersive workspace with geometric designs, metallic tones, and an ambiance of innovation.

    The hidden gem of the office is a dark enclosed room resembling a spaceship interior. Its dark blue hue, blinking fiber-optic ceiling, and large screens evoke a sensation of floating in space. This unique setting houses a meeting room with a reflective black table, ensuring an extraordinary meeting experience. The space also features a concealed bar and lounge seating, transforming it into a luxurious, Vegas-inspired meeting lounge.

    Given that Xsolla operates in the gaming field, the design intent aimed to immerse its staff in a gaming-inspired spaceship environment, making staff feel as though they are in the gaming world. Unique themes in enclosed areas draw from Xsolla games, while the corridor reinforces company identity. The focal point is the pantry area, balancing homeliness and playfulness with an logo-inspired bar counter and bench seating.

    The design challenge revolved around accommodating a substantial number of staff and three company entities within a shared facility, each requiring distinct themes. Focusing on enhancing the common area, Samantha seamlessly integrated Xsolla branding into common spaces to foster a sense of unity, inspiring a strong team ethos. Shared amenities also promote employee connections and collaborations among the entities.

    Addressing a concern of enclosed entity locations, office circulation was enhanced by connecting employees through a central public area. The main corridor and shared breakout corners ensure seamless flow, linking all entities.

    Overall, the design concept drove Xsolla’s choice of OSCA, aligning with their desire for innovation while capturing the company’s atmosphere and slogan.

    Design: OSCA
    Photography: The Space Storyteller