Midtown Centre Spec Suite – Brisbane

  • Client Midtown Centre,
  • size 15,069 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Brisbane, Australia,
  • Industry Spec Suite,
  • PMG Group delivered the Midtown Centre Spec Suite as a welcoming and modern space in Brisbane, Australia.

    Nestled within the bustling heart of Brisbane’s Central Business District, the Midtown Centre emerges as an architectural masterpiece, seamlessly uniting two pre-existing office edifices to birth a pristine A-Grade commercial office realm. In this symbiotic embrace of location and design, the Midtown Centre has grown to become the paramount choice for discerning businesses seeking an elevated workspace experience.

    PMG was tasked with the mission to design and build a 1400sqm full-floor speculative suite at Midtown Centre. The mandate was not just to craft a space but to craft an immersive expedience that would suite a diverse range of potential tenants, all while harmonising seamlessly with the opulent ambiance that characterises the building.

    The suite created offers a blend of old-world charm and modern functionality, thanks to a collaborative process that involved the building owners and leasing teams. The front-of-house area unfurls as a premium expanse, adorned with generous meeting spaces that cater to the allure of this substantial tenancy. But beyond this, the workplace beneath is a dynamic, adaptive canvas designed to embrace diverse working styles. Curvaceous designs weave an energetic cadence into the space, stimulating interaction and fostering communication. Yet, the alchemy doesn’t stop there; biophilic design elements have been thoughtfully interwoven to enhance workplace performance, elevate employee well-being, and propagate a flourishing ecosystem within.

    Every choice, every finish, and every detail has been thoughtfully curated to craft a warm, inviting atmosphere that unifies distinct zones through a modern color scheme that cascades across the entire floor. The deliberate intention is to provide a canvas where any brand can effortlessly imbue its identity into the space.

    Sustainability guided the selection of finishes, furniture, and design elements, echoing Midtown Centre’s unwavering commitment to promoting workplace wellness in combination with the environment.

    PMG Group won the prestigious Commercial Category award at the polytec Design Awards in Queensland for their outstanding work on the Midtown Centre speculative suite. In a competition that featured over 200 entrants, their exceptional design stood out and earned this prestigious recognition.

    Design: PMG Group
    Photography: John Downs