Colmobil Group Offices – Rosh Haayin

  • Client Colmobil Group,
  • size 13,993 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Rosh Haayin, Israel,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • ReMa architects created a light and welcoming environment for the Colmobil Group offices in Rosh Haayin, Israel.

    The redesign of the impressive work space of Colmobil Group, the automobile importer (which imports and markets the brands Hyundai, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Genesis and ORA), was done to transform the enormous space for a relaxed, intimate and harmonious work environment for the well-being of the employees.

    The workspace is located in an office building and has been used by the group for years. In the new design, we focused on creating a space that fits the needs of a company that is just growing, growing, and developing – functional and pleasant offices that fit the spirit of the times and era, and since it is not only a very large space but also a significant amount of employees, we focused on a design that would make it possible to create private and intimate areas, with perfect acoustics, alongside effective common spaces and pampering.

    The unique planning concept generates a great deal of interest, which is evident already at the entrance to the complex, it was decided to create an open, inviting and lively cafeteria that welcomes visitors just before they enter the office space. The cafeteria is visible to their eyes already at the beginning of the corridor that leads into the spacious complex. It is to his left and around it we planned large conference rooms. To the right of the corridor is the entrance to the offices and already with opening the door reveals a kind of central square where bots have designed and three focus rooms that are used as spaces where the employees can hold small meetings and work in a more private environment. A kitchenette and a coffee corner were also planned in this area, and in order to create differentiation and define it as a bustling center, we created a floating, airy and acoustic grid ceiling right above it, lined with noise-absorbing fabric, so that no matter from which angle you look, it will be absolutely clear that this is the center of the huge complex – this is the place where things happen, the ultimate meeting point for employees that clearly defines the surrounding functions.

    In the design of the offices, green thinking was also carried out, which corresponds to the values of the Colmobil Group, which promotes the principles of a circular economy and environmental responsibility, and works with the partnership of the first lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Israel.

    Despite the multitude of functions and spaces requested as part of the program, Rechter Rubinstein managed to leave the center of the complex open and airy. In this way, as many views as possible outside are possible and through the large showcase windows, an abundance of softened and gentle light enters the space. The closed private offices were designed within the envelope and thus a precise weave was created between the open and shared functions and the more intimate ones. Light, color and orientation are the name of the game in this case.

    Design: ReMa architects
    Design Team: Marina Rechter Rubinshtein, Ayelet Shrem, Neta Kamenitzky
    Project Manager: Yuval Engineering
    Contractor: Shibolim
    Photography: Uzi Porat