MTN Nigeria Offices – Lagos

  • Client MTN Nigeria,
  • size 23,142 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria,
  • Industry Telecommunications,
  • Micdee Designs incorporated patterns and colors at the MTN offices in Lagos, Nigeria.

    MTN, a technology company in Africa, recently commissioned Micdee to design and implement an innovative work environment that conveys MTN’s brand values. Micdee provided a multi-disciplinary design that merges the themes of “Africa” and “Technology” in a way that resonates with the users.

    The design scheme includes ergonomic furniture, modular workstations, collaborative seating, and vibrant colors inspired by African textiles. The redesign introduced an open-plan layout with huddle corners, alternate work areas, and lounges inspired by traditional African communal spaces. Pulse Zones, flexible work areas with movable partitions and modular furniture, were introduced to reflect the adaptability found in African cultures. Custom themed murals, sculptures, and indigenous crafts were thoughtfully placed throughout the office to celebrate Africa’s diverse cultures.

    The project’s environmental consciousness was evident in every aspect. Materials like locally sourced wood and fabric, natural fibers, and sustainable flooring options were thoughtfully chosen to reduce the project’s environmental impact while celebrating Africa’s bountiful natural resources. Energy efficiency was at the forefront, with the installation of motion-sensor lighting and energy-efficient appliances.

    The comprehensive redesign of MTN’s office space serves as a model for innovative, sustainable, and culturally rich workspace design. By focusing on these key aspects, this project has redefined the physical office environment, setting new standards for workplace excellence and celebrating the potential of design to enhance well-being, productivity, and sustainability while honoring Africa’s diverse heritage.

    Design: Micdee Designs
    Design Team: Doyinsola Ayansola, Michael Awonowo, Kawthar Ugbana, Oluwaseun Temitope, Godwin Moses, Oreoluwa Olajide
    Project Managers: Bolaji Aderemi-Lateef, Mustapha Oladapo
    Photography: Rubys Polaroid