Moody’s Investors Service Offices – Paris

  • Client Moody's Investors Service,
  • size 24,757 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services, Financial / Investments,
  • Allure designed a welcoming environment for the Moody’s Investors Service offices in Paris, France.

    Allure designed the new offices of Moody’s Investors Service for their Paris headquarters in the very heart of the city: Boulevard Haussmann.

    When first discussing the project for the new Parisian offices of the international financial firm, the client’s goals revolved around the creation of a warm and welcoming space, aimed at going beyond the traditional image associated with Moody’s brand.

    The project started as a traditional stay or move, for which JLL supported Moody’s with the role of tenant representation advisor, and after a deep market research, the choice fell on the second option, with the Icone Opéra building, located in Boulevard Haussmann (right beside the Opéra Garnier and Galeries Lafayette), ticking all the boxes of Moody’s requirements for their new office space.

    Once the research for the new location was finalized, JLL connected Moody’s with Allure to take care of the design project of the internal spaces.

    The overall concept was to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere, with the goal of giving life to an exciting office space that would attract employees by incorporating loads of light, natural textures such as linen and wood, and by playing with curved shapes, both in the furniture and in the spatial arrangements.

    The organizational scheme was based around a distribution of the different departments to the external edges of the workspaces, in order to take advantage of the bright natural light, while the central area has been dedicated to collaboration and exchanges between the various teams, encouraging cross- functionality and strengthening the sense of belonging.

    Specific meeting rooms dedicated to clients and guests, together with an elegant library, have been conceived in the more traditional area of the floor, with the intention of highlighting the Haussmannian- style features, like moulded cornices, ceiling roses and a herringbone parquet flooring.

    Right from the very initial phase of the project, Allure’s team of design, construction and strategy professionals, worked closely with JLL and Moody’s team, progressing hand in hand and comparing different perspectives while identifying potential obstacles. Allure’s signature Define-Design-Deliver process allowed to clarify the objectives, the challenges and the core principles, to get to the final result with the best possible outcome.

    Design: Allure
    Photography: Agathe Tissier