VMLY&R Offices – Bogota

  • Client VMLY&R,
  • size 6,889 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Bogotá, Colombia,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Contract Workplaces was tasked to deliver an updated and lively space for the VMLY&R offices in Bogotá, Colombia.

    VMLY&R, a renowned marketing agency (and a member of WPP), needed to upgrade their offices in the Naos building in Bogotá to adapt them to the ongoing transformation in their brand image, which was shifting to a fresher, younger, disruptive approach, aimed at reaching new markets and improving user experience.

    The redesign of their 6,900 sq ft floorplan, entrusted to Contract Workplaces, focused on refreshing the meeting rooms, the private offices and the reception area, by rebranding them in keeping with the search for a more modern image. As a result, we included rooms designed for open and informal meetings, a gaming space and some closed phone booths.

    On the other hand, to respond to the company’s need for spaces that incentivize creative work, both individually and in groups, we implemented a new area that encourages teams to think outside the box: the Innovation Lab.

    The collaborative area—originally placed in the center of the offices—was relocated to a tailored environment in one of the corners of the floor: the Town Hall. In this way, we resolved the issues caused in the adjacent spaces, whose activities were previously affected due to excessive noise. This new space is furnished with stands, tables for collaborative work, and an open booth for tasks that require more concentration. This is where corporate meetings are held, in an environment that encourages cooperation and boosts teamwork.

    For the aesthetic brief, we collaborated with SuperUnion, another member of the WPP group. Based on the geometry of VMLY&R’s new logo, we played with diagonal shapes and applied them to different architectural elements, such as the wooden framework of the suspended ceilings, the lighting fixtures in the Innovation Lab and the overall graphics.

    In terms of materiality, the color palette is dominated by the neutral shades of exposed concrete in the building structure and the light-colored wood of the floorings, which contrast nicely with the vibrant accents—especially the corporate blue—used in certain spots for focal impact. The interplay of colors, and the dynamic encouraged by the circulation between spaces, bring freshness and balance to the whole, which reflects a fresh and innovative corporate image.

    Design: Contract Workplaces
    Photography: Jairo Llano