Thndr Offices – Cairo

  • Client Thndr,
  • size 8,934 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Cairo, Egypt,
  • Industry Financial / Investments, Technology,
  • Studio Teal designed the captivating and bold space for Thndr‘s offices located in Cairo, Egypt.

    Welcome to Thndr Office, a captivating transformation of a once-ordinary residential duplex into a dynamic workspace that beautifully embodies the essence of Thndr, the renowned tech investment platform. Here, the core principles of Rawness, Realness, and Empowerment are not just words but a palpable presence woven into every design detail.

    Thndr Office stands as a testament to the company’s journey from humble beginnings to its current status as a formidable force in the tech investment landscape. The design concept is a symphony of stories—each wall, every corner, breathes life into Thndr’s narrative.

    Our design philosophy celebrates the raw beauty of wood and the sustainability of recycled materials, where natural textures and tones take center stage alongside eco-conscious elements. The very architecture of the space tells a tale of transformation and growth, with raw wood and recycled materials meticulously incorporated into the design, providing warmth, authenticity, and environmental responsibility.

    In a commitment to sustainability and a nod to their heritage, many of Thndr’s old furniture pieces have been artfully integrated into the design, adding a sense of continuity and sustainability to the space.

    The heart of Thndr Office lies in its Storytelling Walls. These are not mere surfaces; they are canvases that paint the picture of Thndr’s milestones, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the team, and offering glimpses into the world of tech investment. Walking through these corridors, you become a part of the Thndr story.

    The office exudes a Youthful and Modern vibe, where vibrant color schemes and innovative workspaces foster creativity and collaboration. It’s not just a place of work; it’s a hub of ideas, a playground of innovation.

    Equipped with the latest technology, Thndr Office ensures that the team remains Dynamic and Up-to-Date, reflecting the ever-evolving tech industry. The office layout promotes adaptability and encourages teamwork, echoing Thndr’s commitment to staying at the forefront of their field.

    In conclusion, Thndr Office is more than a workplace; it’s a symbol of Thndr’s journey, values, and aspirations. It’s a space that empowers, inspires, and leads by example. As you explore every corner, you’ll not only witness Thndr’s history but also become an integral part of its future. Welcome to Thndr Office—where every wall tells a story, and every story sparks innovation.

    Design: Studio Teal
    Design Team: Farah Elabd, Haidi Hani, Mahmoud Abdelkhalek
    Contractor: Meraki Fine Finishes
    Furniture: DE.CI, Saqala Studio, Dar Elathath, Ikea Egypt, Meeza
    Photography: Pixcelle Photography