Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group Offices – Singapore

  • Client Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group,
  • size 4,300 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Cactus Art Design & Furnishing ensured the Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group offices would have nature influence and functionality in Singapore.

    When it comes to commercial spaces, it’s essential that the interior combines practicality and aesthetics, while being an extension of the brand’s values and beliefs. As Watson Marlow excels in fluid technologies, the design focuses on incorporating aesthetics that represent the free-flowing motion and characteristics of water.

    The design of the interior is defined by curved lines, rounded shapes, and soft forms, which corresponds with the company’s brand of providing smooth-flowing fluid motion. A colour scheme of blue, white and yellow is applied throughout the space to reflect the company’s branding.

    At the entrance, guests and visitors are welcomed with a flowing wall feature which resembles the ebb and flow of water, guiding them to the receptionist area. Inspiration was taken from the fluid tubing system when designing the foyer, creating a space that inspires productivity with a gentle and soothing ambience. The visitor area is a bright and inviting wood-rich space, decorated with interior plants and vibrant colours that creates an uplifting vibe.

    The main workspace is also designed with flexibility and free-flowing productivity in mind. Gentle, curved lines are incorporated in this open-plan layout, curved tables run through the office space and provide a smooth flow of circulation and accessibility. Greeneries are incorporated in the space to help soften noise while adding a natural appeal to the space. Enclosed workspaces are also created for more departments that require more privacy and organization. Each staff in these departments have their own designated personal space and cubicle, allowing for more privacy.

    The pantry and workplace cafe serve as a flexible space for the employees to have a temporary retreat and engage in conversations and discussions in a more casual setting. The wood-rich setting creates a calming ambience, perfect for the staff to take a break when needed. An entertainment room is also provided to the Watson Marlow’s employees to unwind and bond over games. Vibrant colours are used to create a space that is energetic and lively, perfect for a games room that is built to improve employee morale.

    Design: Cactus Art Design & Furnishing
    Photography: courtesy of Cactus Art Design & Furnishing