Live Nation Sweden Offices – Stockholm

Reform Arkitekter designed a vibrant and inviting office space for Live Nation in Stockholm, featuring different zones for focused work, creativity, socialization, and meetings with artists.

  • Client Live Nation,
  • size 13,455 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Industry Entertainment,
  • Reform Arkitekter designed a warm space to honor the heart of the work at Live Nation for their offices in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Unforgettable meetings between artists, fans and partners.

    Live Nation Sweden work to create unforgettable live experiences and meetings between artists, fans and partners. They have a strong belief that the physical meeting is important for the creativity and collaboration required to create all the festivals, gigs and events that Live Nation Sweden produces. Therefore, their office at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm is not just an office, but a vibrant new meeting place for employees, artists and various partners.

    The ambition was to make the office as a magnet, an attractive social hub, where you yourself, rather than working from home, choose to go to. A magnet for creative and social exchanges among employees, artists and partners. Presence in itself has never been the driving force, but togetherness.

    The office is divided into different zones, each carefully created to meet every specific need, whereas it is to be focused, creative, social or to meet with artists. By dividing the space into different functions, rather than by teams, we’ve created a workplace which encourage cross functional meetings that could lead to otherwise unthought of ideas.

    Reform has worked with zoning, lighting, colors and a hand-picked selection of furniture to create a Live Nation feel in a brand new office space.

    A large working lounge with reception and kitchen is located inside the entrance, where music is an obvious feature. The lounge forms a social and central hub, the heart of the office. The impression is exciting with a high pulse, it is welcoming and relaxed. A nice mix of second-hand, vintage, new furniture and photographic art gives it its own character.

    Live Nation Sweden’s office is a magnet where people meet, have fun and together contribute to a better work environment.

    Design: Reform Arkitekter
    Lead Architect: Jenny Öberg
    Design Team: Marcia Harvey Isaksson, Ulrika Bergström
    Project Lead: Cresnia
    Photography: Lasse Olsson