Reece The Works Experience Centre – Sydney

Futurespace created an open and innovative space at Reece The Works Experience Centre in Sydney, which includes a blend of showroom, hospitality, learning, and workspaces for both clients and staff.

  • Client Reece,
  • size 86,111 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Futurespace created an open and innovative space at Reece The Works Experience Centre in Sydney, Australia.

    More than a place to work, Reece’s The Works is an Experience Centre that creates a journey of connection, enables innovation and genuinely represents Reece’s brand, culture and history.

    Situated in Cremorne, Melbourne’s inner east digital and creative industries heartland, The Works is an innovative experience centre comprising of a blend of showroom, hospitality, learning and workspaces for Reece’s clients and staff alike. Spanning 7 floors and 8,000m2 the experience of Reece’s products and services begins on the ground floor showroom/retail environment where opportunities to be immersed in products, services and education abound.

    A spiral staircase creates fluid, liquid movement from the showroom area up to Level 1 where Reece’s network, partners and staff are accommodated via multi-function meeting and training rooms, touchdown work points for visitors and the group’s executive boardroom.

    From levels 2 to 6, Reece’s staff are accommodated in working floors that herald a new paradigm of hybrid working. Agility and flexibility have been explored through the interior design, with critical behaviours and signature technology aligning to underpin successful hybrid working.

    Wellness has been a key driver of the environment, with initiatives that promote holistic wellness (physical, social, mental) and sustainability (environmental, human and financial) available on every floor.

    The design draws on references to water and plumbing – from copper pipes supporting the boardroom table, to reflective surfaces and a high level of transparency, to materiality and the inclusion of custom designed Water Wells that link to an app to encourage and track staff water consumption.

    The Reece Experience Centre is a seamless, open collaborative environment that connects employees, customers and leaders with ease drawing on the company’s strong culture, history and brand.

    Design: Futurespace
    Photography: Nicole England