Amplifon Offices – Melbourne

  • Client Amplifon,
  • size 11,410 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Vemi created the Amplifon offices with a modern functionality in Melbourne, Australia.

    Amplifon is a global leader in transforming hearing healthcare. Their new Melbourne headquarters sits within the city centre of 150 Lonsdale Street, showcasing incredible views our the Melbourne skyline. Amplifon approached Vemi with a clear mission: to rekindle the spirit of collaboration among their workforce and inspire employees to return to the office. The collaboration allowed Vemi to create a workspace that not only reflects their corporate branding but also promotes well-being and collaboration among their employees as they transition back to the office post-pandemic. Amplifon was enthusiastic about embracing progressive strategies to enhance their team’s well-being and create a more enriching working experience. The project encompassed a variety of meeting rooms, collaborative zones, phone booths, a well-being retreat, and support areas, all designed to enhance team efficiency and nurture a sense of community.

    Corporate Branding Fusion
    Beyond aesthetics, the office space served as a canvas for telling Amplifon’s story. Customized signage was strategically placed to reflect the company’s values and culture. These subtle but impactful details aim to resonate with employees and visitors alike, creating a sense of belonging within the business. The vibrant pop of “Amplifon red” is used throughout the space in surprising elements; carefully used as to not dictate the colour palette. From the carpets to the furnishings and accent walls, each element was carefully chosen to reflect Amplifon’s corporate branding. This harmonious color scheme played a pivotal role in creating a visually striking and consistent atmosphere that emphasizes the brand’s essence.

    Dynamic Work Areas
    The entire layout of the office has been designed to foster collaboration, flexibility and innovation. Starting with the breakout space, this multi-functional area transforms into a communal town hall environment. The space encourages open discussions and supports company-wide meetings where all employees can gather, brainstorm, and unwind.

    This approach has been applied throughout the design, creating dynamic work areas to allow employees to adapt to various tasks and activities, making the office a hub of innovation and interaction. The flexibility of these spaces ensured that the office wasn’t just a place to work but a platform for creativity and community. In particular, the boardroom holds paramount significance, as it serves as a versatile and multifunctional space for Amplifon’s international meetings. Understanding the evolving needs of modern corporate interactions, our focus was not only on designing a “wow-factor” space but on seamless technology integration. The specification of the Yealink Meeting Boards brings a technological edge, facilitating advanced communication and collaboration.

    Global Collaboration
    Being an international business, the Amplifon project required the management of multiple, global stakeholders in various timezones. The design process was marked by extensive collaboration between our team and Amplifon’s global design team. Meetings and brainstorming sessions were held to ensure that every detail aligned seamlessly with the company’s vision. This collaborative approach ensured that the final design was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally efficient, meeting the specific needs and aspirations of Amplifon and its employees.

    The collaborative effort between Amplifon and Vemi for their new Melbourne headquarters represents an endeavor to create a more enriching working experience. Our shared goal was to revive a sense of collaboration among Amplifon’s team and encourage employees to return to the office.

    Design: Vemi
    Photography: Nathan K Davis