Pierian Services Offices – Gurugram

  • Client Pierian Services,
  • size 10,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Gurugram, India,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • The Picturesque Studio completed the Pierian Services offices with warmth and brightness in Gurugram, India.

    The Pierian Office is an expansive, 10,000 sqft commercial workspace project designed and built by The Picturesque Studio in a mere 80 days. Nestled in the prestigious DLF Square building in Gurgaon’s bustling DLF Cybercity, this project offers a refreshing take on modern office design.

    Our vision for our clients centred around creating an ergonomic and adaptable space that fosters collaboration and well-being. With an emphasis on open-concept areas and an abundance of natural light, the workspace radiates positivity. A vibrant palette featuring ochre and tangerine accents complements the predominantly muted beige and brown tones, creating an uplifting atmosphere. Biophilic design principles prevail throughout, with lush potted plants providing a sense of tranquillity.

    The layout seamlessly guides visitors through a central foyer, where a curved marble reception desk stands before a linear gold metal screen. Behind this screen lies the inviting recreation lounge, offering privacy amidst the greenery. A journey unfolds through the “story wall,” displaying the client’s history. The workspace splits into two wings, each offering a unique experience.

    The right wing commands attention as the heart of the entire project, with its pièce de résistance—the massive curved workstation. At its core, this standout feature is crowned with an impressive array of foliage, a vibrant symbol of vitality and inspiration. This curved centrepiece transcends the ordinary, captivating anyone who enters the space. Above it, the ceiling design and lighting gracefully follow the workstation’s contours, accentuating its undulating shape. Beyond this focal point, a series of desks, custom-designed in collaboration with HNI, offer tailored workspaces, enhanced by a motivational mural that spans the back wall. Sunny yellow divider panels and strategically placed plants unite functionality with aesthetics, creating an environment bathed in natural light. This area represents the heart of collaboration and innovation, embodying the very essence of the workspace’s design philosophy.

    The left wing maintains a similar focus on functionality with ergonomic furnishings, yet it unveils its own striking feature. Here, the undeniable focal point is a towering standing desk, supported by glass columns and adorned with lifelike faux plants. This captivating installation not only adds a touch of greenery but also serves as a remarkable visual focal point that firmly anchors the wing. It stands as a testament to the innovative design principles woven into every aspect of this workspace, mirroring the essence of the right wing’s central workstation in its unique way.

    Individual spaces throughout the Pierian Office showcase distinctive character. The Visitors Lounge exudes sophistication, with rust-coloured upholstery and a contemporary chandelier. The Recreation Lounge offers a break from the corporate grind, complete with an ornate pool table and a botanical bookshelf partition.

    The Directors Cabin balances light aesthetics with wall-to-wall bookshelves, while the Pantry invites relaxation with a playful jungle-themed wallpaper. Rightly regarded as the most important part of the workspace, the Board Room accommodates at least 14 and showcases sleek design elements, from a marble tabletop to ochre accents.

    Artwork, thoughtfully placed, weaves a narrative throughout the office. Each manager’s cabin represents a city of the client’s operations, while a custom-designed mural in the right wing uplifts and motivates. The blend of subtle and statement pieces imparts a distinct yet cohesive personality to every space.

    Biophilia takes centre stage, with lush greenery enhancing air quality and employee well-being. The Pierian Office serves as a testament to The Picturesque Studio’s ingenuity, balancing functionality, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness within a tight timeframe. It stands as a shining example of a workspace that inspires, energises, and facilitates collaboration in the fast-paced 21st century.

    Design: The Picturesque Studio
    Photography: Palak Mittal