TiMi Offices – Montreal

A+ designed a minimalist and modernist space for the TiMi offices in Montreal, integrating elements inspired by the company's history and culture, while focusing on creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for employees.

  • Client TiMi Montreal Studio,
  • size 40,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • A+ created a modern and welcoming space for the TiMi offices in Montreal, Canada.

    Our client’s main goal was to create a AAA video game studio with a unique identity in order to provide an inspiring environment and easily attract talent.

    To achieve this, we created a design inspired by TiMi’s history, values and culture while integrating A+’s conceptual DNA based on the « LESS IS MORE » philosophy. The result: we created a minimalist and modernist design that stands out from the style of the competition in the video game industry.

    We had the challenge of preserving the existing architecture while integrating the identity of TiMi Montreal. Throughout the design and construction process, we worked closely with our client to create a space that reflects their image, where employees feel comfortable and want to come to work.

    So the A+ design team created a unique universe for the TiMi team. Within this evolving space, there are several distinct areas, such as:

    • Meeting and collaboration rooms of various sizes, including one located in a glass « container » with an unexpected design
    • Studios, audio rooms, acoustic and mixing rooms
    • A game room for testing and analyzing their products
    • A cafe focused on sharing and gathering
    • A relaxation area with hanging chairs for employee wellness
    • A giant swing to stimulate the imagination

    We focused on wood for its warmth contribution. We also relied on biophilic design to integrate nature into this living space to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being. A wall of vegetation in the cafeteria, dozens and dozens of plants and even a 12-foot tall tree in the main hall create a soothing atmosphere for employees, while improving indoor air quality. This is without counting their power to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase productivity! To keep the plants happy, special bulbs have been integrated to allow them to receive enough light. The design team really thought of everything!

    Signature design elements in this space include the hanging clouds made by an artist, which echo the company’s logo, creating a strong and consistent visual identity. There are also the stairs transformed into a space for resting, working or gathering. The reception counter is a real work of art inspired by icebergs, in connection with TiMi’s mascot, a penguin. This creates the wow factor as soon as you enter the office. The gaming lounge area is a bold room, with residential furniture and black paint to create an intimate, cozy basement atmosphere just like the future users of their video games. Finally, the container transformed into an original meeting room with glass partitions reflects the company’s original and innovative design. All of these elements create a memorable experience for the space’s occupants.

    From a technical standpoint, we created a high-performance, acoustically responsive work environment for the team’s audio, acoustic and mixing rooms. These are crucial rooms for video game developers.

    On the social and environmental front, we worked to minimize the environmental impact by keeping as many architectural elements as possible and adapting them to the client’s needs. We also proposed easy-to-maintain and easy-to-use concepts to help TiMi optimize its operational costs in the short and long term.

    Seeing the reaction of the TiMi team and the higher-than-expected employee retention rate, we can say that our mission as well as the client’s mission has been accomplished! We are confident that our design meets our client’s expectations and will contribute to their success in the video game industry in Montreal and around the world.

    Design: A+
    Photography: Maxime Brouillet