Nokta Holding Offices – Istanbul

  • Client Nokta Holding,
  • size 118,403 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • YOO Interior completed a modern and sophisticated space for the Nokta Holding offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The new headquarters of Nokta Holding, comprising approximately 11,000 square meters, located in Istanbul, was designed, and built by YOO Interior in 2023.

    An office, as a physical space, provides as an environment reflecting the culture, approach, and spirit of a brand. The new center, accommodating a youthful and dynamic R&D team, a technical staff serving an extensive production network, and a management team emphasizing experience and open communication, embraces a design philosophy aligned with these criteria.

    Our initial objective was to ensure the contentment of all employees, spanning diverse ages and educational backgrounds, upon entering the workplace. To achieve this, designs were conceptualized to encompass spacious, unique, and dynamic workspaces, along with inviting social areas that bring nature indoors, fostering pleasant interactions.

    Our approach has been to maximise the use of natural light, while tailoring the lighting design to each space and function. Transparency and a balance between openness and privacy were visually and acoustically achieved, aligning with Nokta Holding’s commitment to open communication.

    Due to the structure of the building, after passing through a dynamic and iconic entrance area, the management and production areas are spatially separated. In the management areas, a minimalist design approach with soft colors is embraced, while the production and R&D areas progress with a dynamic design language featuring vibrant colors.

    The priority was to welcome high-profile guests from both domestic and international locations, which is manifested through an impressive entrance. The triple-height entrance area connects the management and production buildings with two bridges. These bridge areas also serve as social spaces, providing employees with different perspectives of the surroundings.

    Nokta Holding, welcomes its employees and guests with an iconic marble reception desk and striking lighting design, offers a comfortable and enjoyable conversation space with a VIP lounge area. The office spaces are designed at maximum height, integrating all electrical and mechanical systems to ensure the intake of natural light wherever possible, extending even to corridor areas. Simplicity is prioritized in office design, utilizing glass partitions to maintain a visual continuity, even when separating departments. The warmth of wood is integrated into the white and salmon tones used in all materials.

    Following the functional diagrams in production areas, an open ceiling system enhances dynamism, complemented by the colors used in mechanical and electrical equipment.

    The production and R&D department is designed to be a lively space with colourful and comfortable furniture, visually integrated artworks, and pleasant kitchenette areas. The design and execution of Nokta Holding creates a warm and captivating atmosphere, with well-conceived floor plans and incorporation of natural light and greenery.

    Design: YOO Interior
    Photography: Altkat Architectural Photography