Rockandrolla Offices – Seville

  • Client Rockandrolla,
  • size 1,615 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Seville, Spain,
  • Industry Hospitality,
  • REONDO. completed the Rockandrolla offices with an open, natural and thoughtful layout in Seville, Spain.

    The project for the new offices of Rockandrolla, a cultural and musical events promoter in Seville, arises from the cultural essence and dynamism of the company itself.

    Upon arriving at the premises, we encountered a space with a height of 4m and a depth of over 13m, with a single facade facing north, two longitudinal ships, and 5 transverse bays illuminated by two skylights. A part of the premises adjoining the roofs had recurrent leakage problems, giving the space an aged patina that we found attractive.

    The idea for the renovation was based on blending the alternative style of the cultural world in which the company operates with a more formal design that would bring balance to the space. Faced with a space of such depth that functions as a workspace, we were clear from the beginning that we needed to find solutions to improve natural lighting. Thus, we introduced a patio at the back of the premises, taking advantage of the benefits of a south orientation to introduce natural light and allow for cross ventilation.

    Finally, we utilized the distribution of the ships and bays to establish two heights in the space. One of the ships accommodates the more contained program with lower height, while the other accommodates the more open and flexible program, taking advantage of the full height of the premises.

    In this second bay, the entrance to the premises, the lobby, and the new patio are introduced, providing a complete view of the offices from the entrance. To reinforce this idea, we used the arch and the wireframe barrel vault as a recognizable feature from the entrance facade to the patio.

    Ultimately, in the project, we maintained a balance between comfort and functionality to create a coherent and representative image of the company, with the ultimate goal of achieving a workspace that contributes to the well-being of the user and improves team productivity.

    Design: REONDO.
    Photography: Juan Carlos Lagares