TU Delft Offices – The Hague

  • Client TU Delft,
  • size 3,229 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location The Hague, Netherlands,
  • Industry Education,
  • AREA Occupier Solutions designed the TU Delft offices as a flexible space in The Hague, Netherlands.

    The new facility of the Delft University of Technology in The Hague serves as a hub for closer engagement with decision-makers and policymakers. It functions as a multifunctional venue for professional events and creating a hybrid workspace tailored to TU Delft staff. The overarching principles guiding this space revolve around enhancing visibility, promoting sustainability practices, fostering collaborative endeavors, and facilitating seamless knowledge sharing among stakeholders.

    The office seamlessly blends technology and nature, aligning with TU Delft’s globally renowned research and education in engineering. The integration of technology and natural elements within the office setting is aimed at not only reflecting the university’s commitment to innovation but also enhancing the human-nature relationship, acknowledging the evolving dynamics of our world.

    A leam-stucco wall divides the office into two distinct zones. On one side, the office space embodies the essence of technology, manifested in fluid, wave-like designs, symbolizing robustness, vitality, and the ever-evolving nature of technological advancements. On the contrasting side, the workspace is designed to evoke a serene ambiance akin to a beachscape, employing soft, organic materials to inspire focus and relaxation amidst work pursuits.

    More than just a physical space, the TU Delft location emerges as a dynamic epicenter driving innovation through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, circular design principles, and the integration of biobased materials. This concerted effort not only sets the stage for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious workplace but also serves as a symbolic bridge, connecting diverse national and international guests to an inspiring future where technology and sustainability converge harmoniously.

    Design: AREA Occupier Solutions
    Photography: Milan Tettero