Majestic Business Center Spec Suites – Battipaglia

  • Client Sabrina Masala,
  • size 7,535 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Battipaglia, Italy,
  • Industry Spec Suite,
  • Sabrina Masala Architetto completed the Majestic Business Center Spec Suites as a professional and sleek workspace in Battipaglia, Italy.

    Bright and harmonious work spaces: this is what the new offices of the Majestic Business Center appear, as a part of the adaptive reuse intervention by Sabrina Masala Architetto. The facility offers spaces and services for business on a temporary basis. Therefore, it is essential to create a comfortable and inspiring environment, with a design capable of offering an excellent first impression, thanks in part to a thoughtful integration of greenery and light design.

    A design focused on the well-being of the users. Over 700 square meters of office converted into bright, large and green spaces where work event meets pleasure. Light is the beating heart of the project, since all lighting design focal points are addressed, in order to customize the light according to the specific characteristics of the illuminated space. In transit areas, the lighting adapts to the rhythm of the working day: luminaires, equipped with DALI dimming technology, automatically change the color of the light according to the time of day, switching from cool to warmer light. This positively influences workers’ psychophysical conditions, making them more energetic during the middle hours of the day and promoting a sense of tranquility toward evening. Above tables and desks, lighting should facilitate concentration and productivity.

    Reception and entrances are visually impactful spaces where the combination of materials, lights and colors capture the eye and lead it to the discovery of new elements.

    Design: Sabrina Masala Architetto
    Green Designer: Studio Pampa
    Photography: Carlo Oriente