Northrop Offices – Sydney

  • Client Northrop,
  • size 7,535 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering, Consulting / Business Services,
  • Crest Office Interiors used warm colors to complete the Northrop offices in Sydney, Australia.

    Northrop, an Australian engineering consultancy firm, embarked on a transformative project driven by the need for a more suitable office space as they outgrew their existing location and neared the end of their lease. With ten offices and 550 employees nationwide, the firm sought to create a vibrant hub for learning, collaboration, and socialising for both employees and clients.

    The primary objective was to establish a centre of excellence, a space that goes beyond mere functionality, fostering an environment conducive to education and mentorship. In a strategic move, the new location also aimed to provide valuable learning opportunities for students at Western Sydney University, conveniently situated in the same building.

    Rooted in the rich Indigenous history of the Parramatta region, the overarching design concept draws inspiration from the local environment. The concept of saltwater meeting freshwater serves as a metaphor, reflected in the contrasting textures and colours that converge to form a central ‘meeting place.’ At the heart of Northrop’s new office is the breakout area, designed to be dynamic with interactive screens and a versatile space for presentations, meetings, and educational sessions.

    In alignment with their commitment to sustainability, the project prioritised eco-friendly choices in materials, mechanical systems, electrical components, and recycling methods. This sustainability focus played a crucial role in shaping various aspects of the design and construction process. Notably, the construction phase was efficiently completed within a span of nine weeks, showcasing Northrop’s dedication to a streamlined and effective project delivery.

    Design: Crest Office Interiors
    Photography: Simon Whitbread