TAM Finans Offices – Istanbul

  • Client TAM Finans,
  • size 37,674 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • YOO Interior brought color into the design of the TAM Finans offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Located in Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, Tam Finans’ Head Office, which has an area of approximately 3500 sqm, was designed and built by YOO Interior in 2023. Due to its location on the 3rd podium floor at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, the office enjoys an impressive panoramic view of Istanbul.

    The architectural layout was inspired by corporate organizational structures, the design prioritizes open communication and creates a warm and comfortable working environment. With an open office floor plan, visual communication remains uninterrupted in enclosed offices and meeting rooms through glass partitions. The office environment focuses on creating a modern, vibrant, energetic and dynamic atmosphere, aiming to break down hierarchical barriers within the corporate structure.

    The design relates to the corporate identity, which is present throughout and is reflected in the main colour concept, lighting fixtures, fixed furniture details, flooring patterns and mechanical/electrical equipment colours. The harmonious integration of these elements creates a distinctive, company-specific design language.

    Meeting rooms, strategically positioned within open-plan office spaces, act as focal points and are designed as visual focal points through the incorporation of graphic elements and carefully selected colours, creating an energetic atmosphere. Graphics integrated into departmental areas within the open plan offices help to motivate employees.

    Within the existing architectural framework, dual volume enclosed, and semi-open spaces are strategically located at two separate points to promote social interaction, provide comfortable break areas for employees throughout the day, and facilitate event organization. Distinct color and material choices deviating from the general design language in these areas aim to create a different ambiance, enhancing the sense of a unique environment for the employees. Particularly in the semi-open area, the selection of furniture and lighting fixtures aims to create an outdoor atmosphere for the employees.

    The completed Tam Finans Office project is characterised by a colourful, dynamic and energetic design language that represents a unique and dynamic corporate identity.

    Design: YOO Interior
    Photography: Altkat Photography