Mercuryo Offices – Limassol

Kate Turbina and Office Doers designed an office space for global payments platform Mercuryo in Cyprus, focusing on creating a venue for meetings and a comfortable working environment that balances traditions with technology.

  • Client,
  • Year 2023
  • Location Limassol, Cyprus,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Circle of life: Everything in the world strives for balance
    During turbulence, people think about how good it is to stand firmly on the ground. Since design trends develop in a spiral and are repeated many times, not only is it important to find solutions that are timeless but which also reflect the values ​​and principles of the “here and now”.

    Ambitious Challenge or How to build a Rock Star Cave
    In the summer of 2022, we have designed an office for an IT company – Mercuryo. Mercuryo is a global payments infrastructure platform, reinventing the ease of making payments by providing businesses from both the fiat and crypto worlds with a wide range of financial services and products accessible through single API integration.

    The work space is located in a modern business center on the sun-drenched coast of Cyprus.

    Our task was to create a venue for meetings and a comfortable working environment for the community. In this case the office should act as a communication space where everything is possible: meeting with colleagues, friends, business partners, enjoying the music, chilling out and of course work.

    We have conventionally divided the space into functional sectors that suggest a gradient of privacy. This means that guests and employees, depending on their level of immersion in work tasks, can enjoy varied access to secluded/separated work areas or open/inviting public ones.

    To sum up, It was interesting and challenging to work on such a project. We strived to approach a balance between traditions and technology.

    Not following the trends is my main idea. That is why I put extensive research and needs analysis at the basis of my work. We were inspired by techno parties and cocktail events on the rooftops. We found a combination of the epic Star Wars, Blade runner 2049 (2017) and Summer Lovers (1982) intriguing. In addition, it was revealing to get to know about the difference between local traditions and metropolis’s daily scenarios.

    We wondered what an ideal summer would be like, and how to enrich it with work?

    And we were struck with the insight of a workation (vacation+work) space. This means that you can both work and chill, thanks to extended lounge areas and the places for a more focused work.

    Together with establishing a creative atmosphere, there are numerous technological solutions that remind us how the given company designs scenarios for the future and changes the world.

    We hope that the project will serve as a source of inspiration and desire to create something together in a new exciting collaboration.

    Design: Kate Turbina and Office Doers
    Design Team: Kate Turbina, Pavel Koptev-Melnikov, Evgeny Burtsev, Andrey Barinov
    Photography: courtesy of Kate Turbina