ArchPoint Group Offices – San Antonio

ArchPoint Group partnered with CBI Group and The Jordan Group to create a design-driven office space in San Antonio that merges functionality and style, featuring open workspaces, collaboration areas, and pops of the company’s brand identity.

  • Client ArchPoint Group,
  • size 24,949 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location San Antonio, Texas, United States,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • San Antonio-based management and business consulting firm, ArchPoint Group, envisioned a sprawling workspace that encapsulated their growth, aspirations, and brand image. They entrusted office furniture dealer CBI Group and interior design firm The Jordan Group to fulfill this vision. The collaboration between two of San Antonio’s commercial interior key players resulted in an office that effortlessly merges functionality and style, providing the client a timeless space positioned for future growth.

    Stepping into ArchPoint’s open workplace, the massive ceilings allude to limitless possibilities, reflecting the company’s ambitious trajectory. The open floor plan and flexible workspaces serve a dual purpose – not only catering to their expanding staff volume, but also encouraging a culture of collaboration. The large walls in the main workspace serve as silent motivators, decorated with unique graphics that echo the company’s goals and promote a diverse work culture. A variety of workspaces are strategically scattered throughout the space, giving teams easy access to connect or find solitude away from everyday workstations.

    The Jordan Group implemented innovative designs with unique fixtures and modern finishes. A consistent design trait found across some of the furniture, doors, and wall art include the intentional pops of ArchPoint Group’s red. More than just an aesthetic choice, these vibrant furniture pieces subtly weave the company’s identity into the very fabric of the workspace. Examples of this can be seen with ancillary seating located throughout the office or the unique industrial-style barn doors in the break room.

    Another unique architectural feature of this space is the mezzanine-esque second floor. This area provides more workstations, private offices, and flexible huddle spaces, with room to expand as teams continue to grow. Along the railing, team members can look out over the lively open workspace and find inspiration in motivational wall graphics.

    ArchPoint Group’s new office is more than just a workspace. It’s a testament to visionary dreams, establishing great relationships, and taking action to enhance their already strong and diverse work culture. As the lines between function and design blur, what emerges is a space that embodies the company’s spirit, values, and culture – an enduring testament to the expertise of CBI Group and The Jordan Group.

    Design: The Jordan Group
    Furniture Dealer: CBI Group
    Photography: Kathy Castañon | Lines & Light Studio