PUBG Studios Offices – Seoul

Kinzo has designed office space for KRAFTON in Seoul with a playful design inspired by the company’s popular online game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, incorporating features such as maps, monuments, and a battle royale-themed staircase.

  • Client KRAFTON,
  • size 93,377 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Architecture firm Kinzo, commissioned by game developer and publisher KRAFTON, has taken a playful design approach to the office space of PUBG Corporation, inspired by the popular video game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The building provides expert working conditions in a responsive layout that translates the popular video game into space.

    Kinzo teamed up with the local architectural office Dawson & Company for implementation planning and construction management.

    Exploration and Interaction
    The architectural concept mirrors the gameplay dynamics within the workplace, emphasizing functionality while capturing the essence of PUBG Studios’ design and aesthetic. The office floors are structured as maps, with distinct monuments connected by a network of pathways. This deliberate spatial representation provides a unique experience for office users, encouraging exploration and interaction as they move between different zones, much like players do in the game.

    Battle Royale
    A central theme of the architectural design revolves around the seamless integration of teamwork-related elements from PUBG Studios into the spatial context. Collaborative workspaces, strategically placed meeting rooms, and shared workstations emphasize cooperation – a vital aspect of success in both gaming and the professional realm. The airdrop concept is taken from the game’s “battle royale” mechanics and translated into an eye-catching staircase that serves as the spine and focal point of the office, guiding employees to nourishing areas such as tea kitchens and recreation rooms. Adjacent lounge spaces, stand-up options and meeting rooms complement this central feature, creating a dynamic zone for chance encounters and creative exchange at the heart of the office.

    Reflecting PUBG Studios Executive Producer’s vision and involvement in decision making, the design prioritizes capturing the mood of the game. In addition, the emphasis on indirect lighting on the ceiling, while potentially creating darker spaces, matches the programmers’ sensitivity to direct light. This conscious choice reflects the second most important aspect of the design, which is to accommodate the comfort and preferences of the office occupants, especially the programmers. As such, the red staircase leads from a somber underground level to a bright communal area and gives access to the roof terrace with a spectacular view of Gangnam, the modern center of Seoul. This integration of PUBG Studios’ inherent architecture transforms the office into a living representation of the game’s principles, offering employees a dynamic and engaging workspace that blurs the lines between reality and the virtual landscapes they explore.

    Design: Kinzo
    Design Partner: Dawon & Company
    Photography: ©KRAFTON