Treuhand Union Steuerberatung Offices – Salzburg

MUTANT ARCH.MEDIA designed a modern and attractive office space for Treuhand Union Steuerkanzlei Salzburg, with a focus on creating a timeless and contemporary environment that supports communication and collaboration among employees.

  • Client Treuhand Union,
  • size 4,844 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Salzburg, Austria,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • The world of work has rarely changed as much as it does today. It’s great that we can help shape tomorrow.

    Offices tell a lot about a company – about its work culture and employees, about its attitude towards customers.

    Treuhand Union Steuerkanzlei Salzburg operates in an environment in which trust and professional competence are of the utmost importance. For this reason, the stated goal was to create a working environment for employees and customers that is both timeless and contemporary. Together with the design studio Mutant Arch Media, we have developed a tailor-made office concept that not only optimally supports the work processes of its dedicated employees, but also focuses on their needs for communication and collaboration. An innovative multispace solution was created that not only meets the current requirements for new workplaces, but also takes into account future developments and the company’s future growth in the existing building.

    The result shows a modern, reserved and yet extremely attractive working environment that not only appears representative, but also offers the highest level of comfort and interaction in a changing working world.

    The division into open and flexible work and communication areas as well as the creation of multifunctional retreats were carefully tailored to the limited space. In spacious open-space areas you will find individually designed workstations that, thanks to their sound-insulating properties, offer an ideal environment for concentration and privacy. The intelligent lighting concept not only creates a first-class atmosphere, but also enables flexible use of the space. This allows the room to effortlessly adapt to changing requirements. A careful coordination of high-quality materials, exciting surfaces and colors gives the room a timeless, harmonious elegance. The focus is always on comfort, with a certain self-confidence and values, without following the usual clichés or patterns of the financial sector.

    Photography: David Lahnsteiner