Arteum Offices – Paris

Studio BOY, MOORE Design and MAKE Office collaborated to design Arteum’s move to the 2nd district of Paris, creating a modern and innovative work environment, combining an industrial workshop aesthetic with art.

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  • Client Arteum,
  • size 3,767 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Design,
  • To support its exponential growth, Arteum moved into the 2nd district of Paris. The primary objective of this move was to recreate the ambience of a mix between “industrial workshop”and pieces of art that promote ARTEUM. This successful transformation is the result of collaboration between the Studio Boy, MAKE Office and MOORE Design.​

    This project demanded a bespoke layout and design, underlining the Arteum team’s commitment. The overriding objective was to create a work environment that optimally met employees’ need for flexibility, while preserving the creative essence for which the company is renowned.​

    Also the team was used to work on private offices. This new way of work was a big step for them.​

    Every detail of the space has been carefully thought out and adapted to promote productivity and professional fulfillment: Industrial wall partitions, large skylights, different floorings to rescale the open-space.​

    The partnership between these teams has resulted in a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, creating a workplace that is both modern and inspiring.​

    The bespoke layout has created open offices that encourage collaboration while providing areas for individual concentration. In this way, Arteum’s creative DNA is expressed in every corner of this new space, testifying to the company’s bold vision and commitment to constant innovation.​

    By moving into this dynamic new district of Paris, Arteum not only strengthens its presence, but also asserts its unique identity. The redesigned space reflects the company’s ongoing evolution and its desire to create an workplace that matches its ambitions and those of its employees.

    Design: Studio BOY
    Furniture: MOORE Design and MAKE Office
    Photography: Alexis Paoli