Stronghold Engineering Offices – Perris

DesignX Architecture + Interiors designed Stronghold Engineering’s new offices in Perris with an “industrial chic” aesthetic, featuring open ceilings and decorative suspended ceilings made of Ceilume thermoformed tiles to create an appealing and elevated workspace.

There is increasing recognition among businesses that an office needs to be desirable environment to inhabit. In order to recruit and retain employees, today’s office has to be humanly functional, comfortable, and good-looking. When Stronghold Engineering started building their new offices in 2018, they decided on an “industrial chic” look that showcases the business they’re in, including open ceilings displaying the HVAC and electrical work. However, in special spaces, they chose to “elevate” the look with decorative suspended ceilings made of Ceilume thermoformed three-dimensional ceiling tiles.

Stronghold Engineering is a design/build general contractor specializing in public works and infrastructure projects for federal and local governments, as well as electrical and renewable energy projects for the private sector. When they bought their new headquarters in 2018, the building was largely occupied by commercial showroom and office space, with an attached warehouse. They removed virtually every non-load bearing wall and redesigned it completely.

The new design features a large central open office, flanked by a row of private offices, conference rooms, and a Relaxation Room. The central space has the open ceilings, while the separate rooms have suspended grid ceilings.

For the feature conference rooms, the second-floor break room, and the relaxation room, they wanted an elevated feel that would make the office a more appealing place to work. It was especially important in the HR conference room where potential new hires are interviewed, and the operations conference room where the company holds many in-house meetings. To achieve that heightened aesthetic, they installed decorative, three-dimensional ceilings of Ceilume’s white Cambridge style thermoformed tiles. The pattern of concentric squares lends a note of formality that contrasts nicely with the exposed brick and elaborately grained wood.

The construction industry has suffered from a severe shortage of qualified labor for more than a decade, and construction companies have gone to great lengths to attract and retain staff. Stronghold Engineering found ways to make their office a more pleasant space to inhabit, a place they can be proud to work. The company continues to grow, and everyone who works there benefits from the insightful design.

Design: DesignX Architecture + Interiors
Photography: Haley Hill Photography, courtesy of Stronghold Engineering